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Cohuna Solar PV Project

Cohuna Solar PV Project

Located in the Shire of Gannawarra, in the Australian State of Victoria, Cohuna Solar PV Project is approximately 8 km south of the Cohuna township.

The project

The Sun of Australia

Cohuna Solar Farm is a utilility scale solar farm using highly efficient solar technology, bi-facial modules, which can absorb light irradiance from both sides of the module and so are able to capture additional energy from light reflected from the ground. 



Solar - Agrivoltaics



77 GWh



34 MW

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The Cohuna sustainable construction site model

Construction of the Cohuna Solar Farm followed our “Sustainable Construction Site” model, a collection of best practices aimed at minimizing the impact of plant construction on the environment, waste, water and people. Energy derived from renewable resources was used inside the Cohuna construction site, this equated to a saving of approximately 70 tonnes of C02 emissions during the construction period. Almost all waste produced on site was recycled, and concrete, measurable actions were taken to mitigate resource use.

Sustainable construction site model stats

  • Sustainable offices 100%

    Sustainable offices 100% Renewable energy used during construction, to power on-site offices.

  • Workers 700

    Workers 700 People who took part in the solar farm’s construction.

  • Local investments 20

    Local investments 20 Million Australian dollars invested during the solar farm’s construction.

  • Emissions 70

    Emissions 70 Metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided during the solar farm’s construction.

  • Hours of work 154.5

    Hours of work 154.5 Thousand hours of work in the construction phase

  • Skills 20%

    Skills 20% Workers on site received training and acquired new skills

  • Training 15%

    Training 15% Workers on site undertaking a traineeship, apprenticeship or cadetship

  • Recycling 99%

    Recycling 99% Waste generated by the construction site that was recycled

Contact Info

Sunny Rutherford

Sustainability Manager EGP Australia

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