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Dolores Wind Project

Dolores Wind Project

The power of the wind that produces energy at Dolores pays homage to the place where it’s located: the Mexican state of Nuevo León. The plant’s concrete wind turbines were built on site. This is the first Enel Green Power Mexico project to use this technology, which has the advantage of streamlining the production and transportation stages.

About the plant

The winds of China

Located in the municipality of China, in the state of Nuevo León, this project consists of 83 wind generators and 79 kilometers of transmission lines, which will help generate the energy equivalent of the power consumption of 420,000 Mexican households.


Dolores’s concrete wind turbines were built on site






In operation



279,3 MW



938 GWh, which is equal to the consumption of more of 420,000 mexican households


CO2 Emissions avoided

525,000 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere


A sustainable project

The construction of the Dolores wind farm is based on the “Sustainable Construction Site” model. This includes the measurement of the socio-environmental impact of the project and the actions to incorporate the rational use of resources. For example, through the treatment of wastewater and a recycling project for the wooden pallets used in construction to make ecological furniture and shipping containers to be used by the local community.

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Each day, our team of engineers, technicians, manual workers and subcontractors involved in the Dolores wind project work following Enel Green Power’s safety guidelines.

  • Construction 100%

    Construction 100% Status of the construction phase

  • Employees 1,153

    Employees 1,153

  • Number of hours worked >2.2

    Number of hours worked >2.2 Million hours

  • Investment 280

    Investment 280 Million dollars

  • Energy consumption 210

    Energy consumption 210 MW (entirely from renewable sources)

  • Waste production >1,113

    Waste production >1,113 metric tonnes

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