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Quorn Park Hybrid Project, Australia

Quorn Park Hybrid Project, Australia

In development

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About the project

Quorn Park Hybrid Project

The Quorn Park Hybrid Project will consist of the construction and operation of a solar farm  consisting of photovoltaic (PV) modules, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and related civil and electrical infrastructure. The Project is in the Parkes Shire, New South Wales, Australia, located approximately 10 km northwest of Parkes.

The construction of the Quorn Park Hybrid Project has an investment value of over $190 million. The project is expected to begin construction in the mid second half 2024, with a targeted start to operations in the first half of 2026.

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    Solar and BESS (battery storage)


    Energy production

    approximately 210 GWh/year solar + approximately 40 MWh/year battery storage


    Operational capacity

    approximately 98 MW solar + approximately 20 MW battery storage


    Australian homes powered (annually)

    approximately 45,000 homes    

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    Project Approvals

    The Quorn Park Hybrid Project was jointly developed with the Renewable Energy Developments Pty Ltd. Enel Green Power acquired the project in late 2022.

    The relevant Development Approvals for the Quorn Park Hybrid Project have been obtained from the New South Wales Government. The Approvals set out conditions that must be complied with in undertaking the development. The conditions cover construction, operation, decommissioning, and administrative matters. 

    “We are very pleased to commence pre-construction activities on the Quorn Park Hybrid Project in New South Wales. The project will be the first hybrid solar and battery project in Australia, as the point of connection to the electricity grid is shared under single Generator Performance Standards (GPS), rather than two separate connection points in close proximity. Once operational, the Quorn Park Hybrid Project will provide sustainable electricity to over 45,000 homes. Through Enel Green Power’s Creating Shared Value approach, the project aims to contribute to significant employment and supply opportunities for the local community, creating a positive economic impact on the local area."

    Werther Esposito, CEO for Enel Green Power Australia.




    Environmental Impact Statement

    PDF (42.31MB) Download

    Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan

    PDF (2.47MB) Download

    Community Benefits and Impacts

    Enel Green Power is committed to a Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach throughout the construction and operational phases of the project. Enel Green Power intends to work closely with the local community to enhance the economic and social conditions in the local area and proactively share benefits within the local community.

    Enel Green Power is also committed to local sourcing throughout the Project’s operational and construction phases, where feasible. It’s expected that the project will create significant local employment and supply opportunities during construction. Enel Green Power will work closely with the main contractors to identify capability and capacity in the local area and maximize opportunities for local contractors and suppliers to take part in the project through goods and services provision to both the project site and workforce.

    The project will have some impacts on the local area during the construction period, including an increase in traffic in the area. Environmental, noise and construction impacts have been assessed by the relevant regulators during the planning phase of the project. The planning approval sets out conditions for the project, including management plans. Management systems will be in place to ensure compliance with all conditions.


    Community Engagement


    Following acquisition of the project, Enel Green Power has developed a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan for the project pre-construction, construction and operational phases. It includes activities such as:  

    • engaging with key stakeholders for the project, including neighbours within the vicinity of the project area, broader local community to the project area, local councils and relevant government agencies.

    • sharing regular project updates through local community newsletters and this website.

    Community Survey


    As part of EGP Creating Shared Value (CSV) model, we are committed to working closely with the local community to enhance the economic and social conditions in the local area. For this reason, EGP is seeking feedback from the community, to better understand local values and priorities and inform planning for potential l initiatives to be undertaken within the local area close to the project site. EGP will review the survey results and work to shape its benefit sharing initiatives to align with community preferences, where feasible and where these are compatible with the company values, policies and capabilities. We would appreciate your input through the following quick survey.


    The Sustainable Construction Site Model 


    Construction of the Quorn Park Hybrid Project aims to follow Enel Green Power’s Sustainable Construction Site model, a collection of best practices aimed at minimising the impact of plant construction on the environment, waste, water and people. Starting from the conception and design phase, the focus for the site is to be sustainable, maximising the potential environmental and social benefits for the construction site, and later the operating power plant. 

    Contact Us

    For enquiries related to the project, please contact us via the feedback form or through the contact details listed below. 

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    Your data will be processed according to the website privacy policy to answer your request. EGP is present in different Countries and, depending on the project for which you have expressed your interest, your request can be redirected to the local team, which will act in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

    Contact Information

    General Enquiries

    Local community and stakeholder enquiries

    Giulia Scataglini, Community Engagement and Sustainability Officer – Enel Green Power Australia

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