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Partanna Wind Farm

Partanna Wind Farm, Italy

In operation

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The facility

Energy, a sustainable construction site, respect for the ecosystem: new renewable capacity for Italy

The facility, which is located in Contrada Magaggiari, in the province of Trapani, Sicily, is the first of five new projects aimed at increasing Italy's renewable energy capacity.

It consists of six 2.4 MW wind turbines, providing a total capacity of 14.4 MW. The facility will produce around 40 GWh of renewable energy each year, equivalent to the supply consumed by approximately 10,000 Italian families, reducing CO2 emissions by around 33,000 tons per year. 

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In operation


Operational capacity

14,4 GW


Energy production

33 GWh per year

Average production achieved in the last three representative years.


CO2 Emissions avoided

14,967 tons of CO2 per year



Energy demand met

12,000 families per year



Impact on local communities

“We ensure that our construction sites are sustainable in all regards, starting with the electricity supply being generated by solar panels right through to the use of harvested rainwater for the site's water requirements”
Fabrizio Bonemazzi, Head of Renewables Project Execution Europe and Global Support, Global Power Generation


Enel Green Power is committed to pursuing a sustainable construction site model. In so doing, the project will be undertaken in a way that ensures the maximum care and attention are applied to protecting the surrounding area, so as to minimize any possible impact on the local ecosystem.

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Work progress status

Enel Green Power Italy connected the wind farm to the high-voltage network on April 14. In spite of the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this   was just eight months after the start of construction work. The new wind farm marks an important step towards the energy transition set in motion by the Enel Group.

  • Commitment 4.000

    Commitment 4.000 Work hours

  • Accidents and injuries 0

    Accidents and injuries 0 Safety at the construction site

Digital initiatives

The management and monitoring of the construction work benefited the digitalization process that the Enel Group is applying to all its activities. We were, for example, able to carry out virtual visits to the site and to use a digital monitoring system for the material. This involved tagging the wind farm’s main components, thanks to RFiD (Radio Frequency Identification). In this way, all the data could be stored on a dedicated platform, which enabled us to monitor deliveries and simplify the communication process. 

Our contribution to Italy's decarbonization strategy

With the publication in January 2020 of the Integrated National Plan on Energy and Climate (Piano Nazionale Integrato per l’Energia e il Clima - PNIEC) by Italy's Ministry of Economic Development, the country's 2030 objectives on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and CO2 emissions’ reduction were established. The PNIEC aims to increase the amount of energy deriving from clean sources to 55% by 2030.

The Partanna facility is part of the Italian contract awarded by the GSE that provides for the development of new capacity as well as for the expansion and upgrade of existing facilities. Further wind farm construction projects will be initiated in Italy in the coming months, with new sites playing a key role in achieving the Group's and the country's decarbonization objectives.

In this regard, Enel Green Power has been awarded, in the first, second and fourth FER auctions announced by the GSE, approximately 163 MW of new renewable capacity across seven wind power projects in southern Italy: two in Sicily, one in Molise (already under construction), three in Campania and one in Basilicata. In addition, thanks to the first four auctions, a further 109 MW of nominal power will derive from the renovation and expansion of current hydroelectric and wind power facilities in Emilia Romagna, Molise, Piedmont, Sardinia, Tuscany and Veneto.

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