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The Pian della Rocca Hydroelectric Power Plant, Italy

The Pian della Rocca Hydroelectric Power Plant, Italy


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The Plant

The Pian della Rocca Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Pian della Rocca hydroelectric plant is located in the municipality of Borgo a Mozzano (near Lucca), in the River Serchio valley. It opened in 1942 and was designed by the architect Alfonso Gervaso. The façade is adorned with three statues, the work of sculptor Angiolo Vannetti: they depict a Junoesque woman with a book in her hand, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom; a man with a hammer in his hand, representing work; and, finally, the River Serchio. The plant's large hall contains a fresco by Ugo Giovannozzi, depicting the reservoirs and facilities along the River Serchio.

The plant, which was built during World War II, was saved from attempted destruction by retreating German troops.

It uses water from the catchment area of the Turrite Cava stream, a tributary of the River Serchio, and water discharged from the Gallicano power plant.

A stylized drawing of a light bulb







Operating Capacity

22 MW


Energy production

52 GWh

Average production achieved in the last three representative years.


CO2 emissions avoided

23,989 tons per year



Energy needs

19,000 households per year



Impact on local communities

The Piano della Rocca power plant has always been central to the life of the local area, being a living and active part of it. Since 1957 it has in fact often been the site of cultural and musical events, including the Azalea Festival. This is in honor of the flower that is the symbol of the municipality of Borgo a Mozzano.

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