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Centrale idroelettrica Ponte San Martino, Italia

Ponte San Martino Hydroelectric Plant, Italy

In operation

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Ponte San Martino Hydroelectric Plant

Located on the Sile River in Treviso, this plant is a rare example of a facility located in a historic city center. Built in 1917, while the First World War was still underway, the plant was automated in 1969. Today it is controlled remotely from the control center in Polpet, Belluno, which was opened in 2004. The plant is able to generate more than 1.74 GWh per year, thereby avoiding the emission of around 1000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

The facility at Ponte San Martino is a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant. A weir on the Ponte San Martino channels the river water into the power plant below. The facility is equipped with two horizontal axis turbines. Two tilting sluice gates, a spillway and three sluice gates at the head of the spillway are visible from the outside.




In operation

Operational capacity

350 KW

Energy production

1.74 GWh

CO2 emissions avoided

1,000 metric tons per year

Energy needs met

600+ households per year

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Impact on local communities

The plant, which for more than a century has been a feature of Treviso’s urban landscape, hosts numerous educational and cultural initiatives and also welcomes guided tours as part of Enel Green Power’s Open Power Plants initiative.



Business development

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