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Girgarre Solar Farm

Girgarre Solar Farm

Under Construction

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The Project

Girgarre Solar Farm

The Girgarre Solar Farm Project will consist of the construction and operation of approximately 169,500 photovoltaic (PV) modules and the related civil and electrical infrastructure. The Project is in the Shire of Campaspe, in Victoria, Australia. The site is located approximately 10 km north-west of Stanhope and approximately 50km west of Shepparton. 

The construction of the Girgarre Solar Farm has an investment value of over $140 million. The estimated construction timeframe for the plant is expected to be approximately 18 months, while the plant's operational life is estimated at approximately 35 years.

A stylized drawing of a light bulb




Energy production

Approximately 200 GWh/year


Operational capacity

Approximately 93 MW


Australian homes powered (annually)

Approximately 43,000

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Community Benefits and Impacts

Enel Green Power is committed to a Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach during the construction and operation of the Project. Enel Green Power intends to work closely with the local community to enhance the economic and social conditions in the local area and proactively share benefits within the community.

Enel Green Power is also committed to local sourcing throughout the Project’s operational and construction phases, where feasible. It’s expected that the Project will create significant local employment and supply opportunities during construction, with approximately 250 staff expected to be on site during construction peaks. Enel Green Power will work closely with the main contractors in identifying capability and capacity in the local area and maximizing opportunities for local contractors and suppliers to take part in the Project through the provision of goods and services to both the Project site and workforce.

The Project will have some impacts on the local area during the construction phase, including an increase in traffic. Environmental, noise and construction impacts have been assessed by the relevant regulators during the Project’s planning phase. The planning approval sets out conditions for the Project, including management plans such as the Environmental Management Plan and the Construction Management Plan. Management systems will be in place to ensure compliance with all conditions.


Community Engagement

Following acquisition of the Project, Enel Green Power has developed a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan for the Project pre-construction, construction and operational phases. It includes activities such as:  

  • engaging with key stakeholders of the project, including neighbors within the vicinity of the project area, broader local community in and around the project area, local councils and relevant government agencies.
  • sharing regular Project updates through local community newsletters and this website.

The Sustainable Construction Site Model 

The Girgarre Solar Farm aims to follow Enel Green Power’s Sustainable Construction Site model, a collection of best practices for minimising the impact on the environment, waste, water and people. Starting from the conception and design phase, the focus for the site is to be sustainable, maximising the potential environmental and social benefits for the construction site, and later the operational power plant.


Solar Farm - Frequently Asked Questions May 2023

PDF (0.71MB) Download

Girgarre Solar Farm - Frequently Asked Questions May 2023

PDF (1.22MB) Download

Girgarre Solar Farm Infographic

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Girgarre Solar Farm Site Layout

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The Project team aims to keep the local community informed of project status and timing, and local community engagement and initiatives through regular project construction updates:

Contact Us

For enquiries related to the project, please contact us via the feedback form or through the contact details listed below.

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Your data will be processed according to the website privacy policy to answer your request. EGP is present in different Countries and, depending on the Country you specify in the contact form, your request can be redirected to the local commercial team, which will act in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. For California residents, please refer also to our Notice at Collection.

Contact Information

General Enquiries

Local community and stakeholder enquiries

Giulia Scataglini, Community Engagement and Sustainability Officer – Enel Green Power Australia

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