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Lily Solar + Storage, USA

Under construction

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The project

Breaking ground on our first solar + storage project

Lily solar + storage is Enel Green Power's first utility-scale solar + storage project in North America. It is located southeast of Dallas in Kaufman County, Texas. The project comprises a 181 MWac photovoltaic (PV) facility with a 50 MWac battery. Its 421,400 PV bifacial panels are expected to generate over 367 GWh per year, equivalent to avoiding over 242,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. The battery storage system can store up to 75 MWh of excess energy and distribute it during periods of high demand. Lily solar + storage is anticipated to be operational by summer 2021.



Hybrid - Solar + Storage


Under construction


181 MWac solar + 50 MWac battery

Energy production

367 GWh annually 

CO2 Emissions avoided

242,000 tons annually 

Electricity Equivalent

+33,000 US households annually



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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is committed to creating long-term shared value and productivity for the communities of Kaufman County, Texas.  The Lily solar + storage project includes agrivoltaics in its sustainability strategy where agriculture and solar power are co-developed on the existing land. This generates benefits for the community by improving native vegetation, protecting local wildlife and ecosystems and establishing pollinator-friendly habitats which may improve local food production. 

As part of its $1.3 million commitment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic across the US and Canada, Enel Green Power developed initiatives to support community hospitals, schools and emergency responders in Texas. Enel Green Power is supporting local food banks and giving food baskets to families for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. $5,000 was raised by on-site workers to donate to the local Dallas Breast Cancer Research team.

Work progress status

Status of construction phase

Enel Green Power is committed to a Sustainable Construction Site model, which aims to minimize the impacts of the plant's construction on the environment. When we build projects, we monitor sustainability performance for energy, waste and water management, and the economic impact on the local community. The hybrid project is focused on the integration of regenerative agriculture and circular economy principles in the design, procurement, construction, operations, and end-of-life management aspects of both PV panels and battery systems. Lily solar + storage is considering integrating a dual purpose solar model into its sustainable design. It plans to test growing crops under the solar panels and cultivate groundcover plants to support pollinator-friendly habitats, mutually benefiting agriculture and solar development and operations.

Moreover, Enel Green Power is constantly monitoring the status of the COVID-19 pandemic; the Lily solar + storage site has implemented safe working practices, strict travel guidelines, social distancing, office and project site sanitation, and other best practices to protect the health of its workers and the community in which it operates.


Workers >225

Workers >225 Construction jobs 

Investment 25

Investment 25 Million dollars in local investment

Digital Initiatives

We use innovative tools and techniques to build solar farms, such as construction machinery equipped with active safety systems, smart tracking, advanced digital platforms, and tablet software solutions to monitor and remotely support site activities as well as plant commissioning. These processes and tools will enable swifter, more accurate, and reliable data collection, improving the quality of construction and facilitating communication between on-site and off-site teams. Smart glasses and remote assistant applications are used to perform virtual site visits and safety inspections. Currently, we are in the process of using 360 cameras/Drones to gather more information about the site. Smart glasses and remote assistant applications are used to perform virtual site visits and safety inspections. Currently, we are in the process of using 360 cameras/Drones to gather more information about the site.

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Simone Oldrati

Project Execution Manager

Matt Epting

Enel Communications
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