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Strettara II hydroelectric plant, Italy

Strettara II hydroelectric plant, Italy

Under construction

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The plant

Strettara II hydroelectric plant

The plant under construction, which will harness the flow of water already exploited by the existing Strettara hydroelectric plant, is located on the Scoltenna River in the Municipality of Montecreto in the province of Modena.






Under construction


Operational capacity

150 KW


Energy production

0.81 GWh


CO2 emissions avoided

398 metric tons per year


Energy needs met

300 households per year



Impact on local communities

This plant is of particular importance because it is the first Enel Green Power plant to use a screw type turbine and it will also be one of the largest in Emilia Romagna. The screw turbine is an evolution of the Archimedes screw invented in the third century BC, an ancient technology that is now leading us towards a decarbonized future. Although small in size, this plant manages to harness the power of the water released from the Strettara plant, optimizing the use of the flow of water before it is returned to the Scoltenna River.

To coincide with the commissioning of the new power plant, we are also constructing a small chapel that will replace the church that was demolished during the construction of the original Strettara facility, thereby keeping – albeit partially and a century late – a promise made by the then owner of the plant, the Società Emiliana Servizi Elettrici. The chapel will stand next to the Ponte dei Leoni, an ancient stone bridge dating back to 1715 that is a crossing point of the Via Romea Germanica, which leads all the way from the Brenner Pass to Rome.



Business development

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