Sustainable Business, according to Enel

Published on Monday, 10 December 2018

by Giulia Genuardi, Head of Sustainability Planning and Performance Management

Electrical energy is becoming the driving force for a more circular, sustainable and versatile system. In fact, electrification in sectors like transport and heating (e.g., electric mobility and heat pumps) reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, relying on new digital solutions and smart infrastructure to increase system efficiency.

The Enel Group’s model is based on flexible, widespread and integrated technologies that allow for the production and supply of cleaner and more efficient energy directly to the customer. Grid digitalization, the development of new consumer products and services for energy efficiency and the promotion of electrical energy in transport and residential building are all integral parts of the growth strategy.

The digital revolution has also opened up new opportunities within the electricity market and is changing the way we live our daily lives: just think of checking home energy consumption from your smartphone, or the smart management of public lighting and the spread of the electric car. The latter, for example, brings numerous advantages: less environmental impact, decarbonized transport, improved air quality, reduced noise pollution in the city, increased energy efficiency, greater integration of renewables and a strong push to look for increasingly innovative technical solutions.

To face these challenges and seize all opportunities, our Group created Enel X in 2017. This division is completely dedicated to providing innovative services and energy efficiency solutions for houses, companies and smart and sustainable cities, to promoting the environmental development of communities, to generating long-term shared value and to contributing significantly to reducing emissions.