EGP for the protection of the Lear’s Macaw and biodiversity

Published on Friday, 8 February 2019


In January 2019, following an adjustment period when the Lear’s macaws learned to feed, hone their flying skills and recognize predators, we freed the specimens born in captivity, for the third and final stage.

“This program shows that our actions can play a positive role in the protection of biodiversity. There are few investments in this kind of research project in the northeastern region of Brazil. Today, the construction of renewable plants made it possible to develop important initiatives for the protection of biodiversity.”

– Valéria Ladeira, Head of EGP Brazil’s Environment Division

Sustainability Above All

In 2018, in part because of our safeguarding project for Lear’s macaw in the state of Bahia, EGP was named Brazil's most sustainable country by Exame Magazine.

“We are very proud to be heading this project. In addition to being the leading solar and wind energy provider in Brazil, we are at the top of the list for biodiversity conservation.”

– Valéria Ladeira, Head of EGP Brazil’s Environment Division

The construction license for the Delfina wind plant included an environmental clause to identify key areas for shelter and feeding for the species. The reintroduction plan is an initiative that demonstrates, once again, our commitment to safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.