EGP’s Renewable Energy Relies on Technological Innovation

Published on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

“Working with EGP is a unique experience for a business like Percepto, which implements systems to help other companies optimize their operations and reduce risks. Sustainability is a mission we can contribute to with the use of autonomous drones for the optimization of construction sites and to support of the O&M team.”

– Ariel Avitan, Chief Commercial Officer at Percepto

New Technologies for EGP’s Renewables

Enel Green Power plants are ready to come into the age of industry 4.0.

The use of the Internet of Things and drones can make the management of our renewable plants even more efficient, while also optimizing maintenance activities in the field.

Innovation, alongside sustainability, is one of the founding pillars of our strategy. This is why we use innovative construction practices and tools to carry out our projects. These include drones for topographical surveys, the smart tracking of components like solar panels, transformers and main cables, and digital platforms and advanced software solutions to monitor the progress and quality of work and to support all construction site activities remotely.

The development of innovative technologies for the large-scale management of EGP plants is not a promise of what will be in the future but is what is already happening today to gain traction and contribute to the energy transition underway. 

“Thanks to this partnership with EGP, we are contributing to the biggest energy challenges, accelerating our learning process. The projects we’re working on with Enel Green Power will allow us to implement our systems worldwide, improving the efficiency of our solutions, turning the data collected into useful information for various teams.”

– Ariel Avitan, Chief Commercial Officer at Percepto

Thanks to the drone's unique features, to be managed from the plant’s operations area, we can quickly explore our worksites to identify possible failures and even the conditions that may lead to them.

Plus, technological innovations lead to improved work procedures and increased worker safety, one of the biggest priorities for Enel Green Power, which aims for the goal of “Zero Accidents” in every one of its projects.

Innovation and Sustainability: EGP’s Recipe for Success

The 84.7-MW Totana plant is already among the most advanced when it comes to technological innovation and sustainability. Now, it becomes a digitalized “laboratory” thanks to these new tools, which enable a faster, more precise and reliable collection of data and facilitate communication between teams on and off the worksite.

The autonomous solution developed by Percepto will allow us to optimize process management, machine control and maintenance activities, in terms of both ordinary upkeep and preventive actions.

With Sparrow 1.3, the new revolution of the energy sector begins, thanks to new technologies that make our green energy production more efficient and that we will then export to all the 29 countries where we work.

It’s further proof that, following a path of innovation, digitalization and sustainability, the broader journey of digital transformation we’ve undertaken moves more and more toward artificial intelligence, the use of Big data and remote control.