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HYPER: Hydropower’s Efficiency Revolution

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HYPER: Hydropower’s Efficiency Revolution

The Hydro Power Efficiency Revolution project, sponsored by hydropower’s Operation & Maintenance team at Enel Green Power. More than 130 actions to improve plant operations, for a savings of 500 million euro in 5 years. A revolution involving 180 people from 13 countries, in the name of digitalisation and automation.

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It’s more than 100 years old and yet it’s still spending energy and time on innovation. It’s hydropower, the oldest and most established technology for the use of renewables: it represents more than 70% of the electricity produced with “green” sources worldwide and is a guarantee for the energy security of many countries around the world.


"Hydropower represents more than 70% of the capacity managed by Enel Green Power around the world, thanks to its 27.7 GW, 24.8 GW of which comes from large plants, Enel’s so-called Large Hydro."


Hydropower’s pathway to innovation has always found a leading player in EGP.  In the recent history of our plants around the world, innovation has taken on multiple forms: from the use of Big Data to maximise plant efficiency, to the application of technological solutions to increase the efficiency of run-of-river plants to the introduction of the Sustainable worksite model for the construction of new plants.


"Operational excellence has been part of our O&M hydropower teams’ work for more than 50 years. The Hydro Power Efficiency Revolution (HYPER) project reaffirms EGP’s ability to constantly renew itself with new challenges to reach economic targets, even in problematic conditions, like what happened in 2017 with drought."
Luigi La Pegna, Head of Operation & Maintenance for EGP


The foundations of HYPER are digitalisation and automation, which will allow for the application of predictive maintenance strategies, a better use of external services, an improvement in the organisation of internal activities as well as new strategies to create further savings in the process of purchasing services and maintenance supplies.

“HYPER is now the most complete and wide-ranging EGP savings programme. With this project, we aim to optimise O&M’s controllable costs by up to 30% in the next five years” said Luigi La Pegna.


A Global Community

Every detail can make the difference, and many details together make efficiency. It’s a sort of unwritten rule that O&M Hydroelectric Technology at EGP knows well and applies regularly in the daily management of our plants.

The awareness of the decisive value that every single member of the O&M team has in his or her daily work is a distinctive trait of the EGP style. With HYPER, this culture is further solicited by promoting the sharing of experiences, skills and solutions to make them inspiration for innovation and shared abilities.


"HYPER involves more than 180 people working in O&M Hydro, in about 13 countries between Europe and the Americas, and calls for a tight programme of progress control for the initiatives through a specific project management office."

“Whoever wants to propose new initiatives to optimise costs or increase revenue can be part of the HYPER team and help implement new solutions and achieve the targets of the project” explained Tiziana Mainieri, HYPER project manager.

In various countries, several initiatives are already generating savings. With HYPER, this approach, rooted in the Open Power philosophy of the entire Enel Group, is transformed into a structured and global project aimed at producing significant, lasting and sustainable benefits for everyone.

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