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Africa: the land of renewables

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Africa: the land of renewables

The potential of renewable energy is a great opportunity for African countries that are, thanks in part to Enel Green Power, starting to pursue the path of sustainable development.

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Sun, wind, big rivers and ancient volcanoes. All in abundance. The Africa of renewable energy is a land full of potential.

Africa is also in the midst of whirlwind economic development that, according to some estimates, could lead to a doubling of the population in the next 35 years. A phenomenon that will encompass unstoppable urbanization and an increase in energy demand. 


“In 2030, half of Africans will live in cities, a percentage that will increase to 60% by 2050.”



Sustainable Growth

The development of Africa is linked to a few key factors: it must be sustainable, based on renewable energy able to guarantee respect for the environment, supported by stable, sustained economic growth that is shared as much as possible.  

According to the forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy will have a key role in African development, with growth of installed power estimated at 100 GW by 2030. 


“In 2022, the average annual growth of renewable energy in Africa will be about 8 GW, with solar photovoltaic playing the main part, with about 15 GW to install in the coming years. Hydropower should reach around 13 GW in production, followed by wind, with 10 GW.”


Enel Green Power has been present in Africa for several years, with a consolidated business that has always moved on two fronts, one integrated with the other. One one side, there’s technology, with the development of new innovative plants, and on the other, our creating shared value (CSV) projects, aimed at improving life conditions for the population.


“EGP has long made the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals its own, focusing on those linked to energy, innovation, the well-being of communities, the responsible use of resources and the fight against climate change.”



Real Value is Shared

EGP is now the main private operator in the renewables sector in Africa in terms of installed MW, with a stable presence in South Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco.

In the land of Madiba, Enel Green Power arrived in 2011 as a privileged partner of the REIPPPP (Renewable Energy Independent Power Project Procurement Programme), the first African programme for the development of renewable energy with a competitive tender system.

“In South Africa, EGP is the number one private renewables operator, with 1,200 MW in installed power. It’s getting ready to add 5 more wind and photovoltaic plants for a total of 700MW, thanks to the most recent tenders.”

EGP’s business is also being developed in Zambia, in Ethiopia, in Kenya and in Morocco, where we are a partner for the construction of five wind fields, for a total capacity of 850 MW.

In the land of renewables, the future is yet to be written. And Enel Green Power is working alongside African countries to pursue the path leading to sustainable development. 

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