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In Australia, Bungala Solar means opportunity

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In Australia, Bungala Solar means opportunity

In Australia, the Bungala Solar plant will provide a chance to train members of the local Aboriginal community. An opportunity for sustainable development for everyone, made possible by the work of Enel Green Power.

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The word Bungala translates to opportunity. The Aboriginal word that gives its name to Enel Green Power’s solar field under construction in Australia has found a new meaning, thanks to our presence in the region of South Australia and to the construction of the Bungala Solar PV Plant.

In collaboration with the plant contractor and the government of South Australia, we’ve launched a professional training project for the aboriginal community of Port Augusta, a small town 300 km north of Adelaide, near our plant. 


“About 70 jobseekers will be included in the construction site for Bungala Solar 2 and in the Operation & Maintenance activities for Bungala Solar 1, where they can acquire new skills and tools to use on the job market in the future.”


Bungala Solar is the largest solar project under construction in Australia. In recent weeks, the plant was connected to the grid with its first 45-MW connection line, with the expectation of reaching full capacity at the beginning of 2019.


“The complex is made up of two separate plants, Bungala Solar One and Bungala Solar Two. Once completed, it will have an installed capacity of 275 MW and will generate 570 GWh a year.”


The construction phases of both projects  respect the criteria of the sustainable worksite model, which involves measuring the impacts of our activities and mitigating them, through knowledge of the context and the building of a stable and lasting relationship with Aboriginal communities.


Opportunity coming from the sun

As part of the sustainable worksite model, we’ve created a training course for Aboriginal workers, with the support of the government of South Australia, which welcomed our proposal with enthusiasm and decided to finance the course and the teaching staff.


“For the first time, one of our sustainability projects has been completed thanks to a public/private partnership and the involvement of local institutions.”
– Emanuele Polimanti, Sustainability Asia – Pacific for EGP


Following an initial phase of theoretical training, course participants will start to work in the O&M phase of Bungala Solar One and, starting at the end of this year, in the construction phase of Bungala Solar Two. 


“Drivers, workers, carpenters, cleaners: based on starting qualifications, each participant will be directed to the profession most suited to his or her level of experience.”


The training course is a great opportunity for the Aborigines of South Australia, who will be able to use the skills acquired and certified by EGP to search for better and better job opportunities in the future.


The Energy of People

At Bungala Solar, the past and the future of the Aboriginal community come together in the present, in an education and sustainability project designed for the common good.

The path we’ve undertaken in Australia fully fits into our strategy of creating shared value, and is in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN’s 2030 Agenda. 


“Of the 17 goals, Number 8 promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic development, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”


In many of the countries where we work, like South Africa, Kenya and Mexico, we already work on projects for education and professional training, working hard every day to create new opportunities for sustainable development.

For us, the real energy that powers our plants comes from people.

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