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EGP Powers the Kansas Economy with the Diamond Vista Wind Farm

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EGP Powers the Kansas Economy with the Diamond Vista Wind Farm

With the 300 MW Diamond Vista plant, our sixth in Kansas, we’re strengthening our position as the leading wind operator in a state where the winds of change are blowing, thanks to our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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At the end of 2018, we gave a warm welcome to Diamond Vista, a 300 MW wind farm located in Marion and Dickinson Counties. Together with our five plants already in operation, it will help us guide Kansas on the path to sustainability, power the economy of the Sunflower State and supply green energy to companies and institutions.

Its 95 wind turbines will produce about 1,300 GWh a year and will be able to meet the electricity needs of 105,647 households, all while avoiding 900,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

With the completion of Diamond Vista, we’re also demonstrating our ability to develop personalized solutions to best respond to the energy needs of our industrial and commercial clients.

Enel Green Power will sell part of the energy generated at the plant through three separate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): one for 84 MW with Tri-County Electric Cooperative of Oklahoma (TCEC), another for 100 MW with City Utilities of Springfield and another for 100 MW with the multinational manufacturing company, Kohler Co.


Powering an Increasingly Green Spirit

With Diamond Vista’s wind energy, Enel Green Power will help Kohler Co., one of the oldest and largest private American companies, reach its sustainability goals: eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 and develop innovative products to help consumers save water and energy and avoid their overall environmental impact.

The multinational company aims to power its activities in the United States and Canada with 100% renewable energy, including 85 production facilities, offices and warehouses. 

“We are happy to work with Enel Green Power and be part of the Diamond Vista project. The quantity of renewable energy we will purchase exceeds the electrical energy needs of our operations in the United States and Canada and avoids our overall greenhouse gas emissions by 26%.”

– Rob Zimmerman, Director of Sustainability for Kohler Co.


With our 400 million-dollar investment in Diamond Vista, which works alongside five plants already in operation, more and more wind energy will come into circulation in Kansas.

Enel Green Power is transforming the state’s economy, thanks to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) signed with City Utilities of Springfield and Tri-County Electric Cooperative. Each year, they’ll purchase our renewable energy in order to provide their communities with an innovative and sustainable energy service.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are bilateral contracts that ensure a company or institution a long-term supply of renewable energy, as well as a solid partnership based on innovation and sustainability.

Built for Sustainability

With the development of the latest innovative technologies, and in line with our Sustainable Worksite model, we build our plants in harmony with the surrounding territory and in consideration of the local communities involved.

Environmentsustainability and innovation are the key words for what we do every day. This is why our guidelines for the renewable construction go beyond the requirements for environmental protection.

This means, for example, maintaining a safety zone of about 300 meters, allowing us to protect the environment and biodiversity in the areas around our worksites.

At Diamond Vista, with the help of locally-hired sustainability technicians, the project diverted and recycled 50% of the waste from the construction of the wind farm, equivalent to more than 1,100 tons.

Enel Green Power’s commitment to Marion and Dickinson Counties led to the construction of roads in areas that were previously inaccessible to landowners, to ensure greater access for the community.

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Thinking Green to Design the Future

During the plant’s construction, we sponsored teaching the local population by supporting the construction of a new library and an educational space about the project.

We worked with the Tampa School District to boost their math, science, engineering and technical skills courses. We also financed scholarships for students wanting to become wind technicians when they grow up – maybe even at Diamond Vista.

Since its arrival in Kansas, 10 years ago, Enel Green Power has contributed to the state’s economic growth, with the creation of 1,250 jobs and new opportunities for residents in the areas where our six wind plants are located.

And now, thanks to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we are guiding our customers toward a new energy paradigm based on green sources.

Now that we’ve visited HillTopper and Diamond Vista, our journey to discover our biggest wind plants in the United States moves on. Next week, we’ll check out Rattlesnake Creek, in Nebraska. 

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