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The renewable energy PPAs serving the American Midwest communities

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The renewable energy PPAs serving the American Midwest communities

Enel Green Power’s Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with big corporations and government institutions in the United States are getting more and more effective. Their commercial competitiveness, service quality and guarantee of sustainability are winning people over: this is especially true in areas where strong grassroots organizations, like Midwestern utility coops and communities, are thriving.

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The great central plains of the United States are a treasure trove of energy. Take for instance the wind that powers our Diamond Vista wind farm, recently inaugurated in Kansas. Speaking of energy, there’s lots of drive, enthusiasm and determination coming from the people working every day to serve the community.

Following the CSV (Creating Shared Value) model, used in every facet of our business, we strived to unite all of the driving forces in this part of the USA by securing long term power supply contracts (Power Purchase Agreements - PPAs) with local utilities that consider the well-being of the community a top priority.

EGP has signed PPAs with Tri-County Electric Cooperative of Oklahoma (TCEC) and with City Utilities of Springfield (CU), who will buy 84 and 100 MW of renewable energy from the Diamond Vista wind farm, respectively.

PPAs are more than just energy supply contracts. They’re solid and lasting partnerships providing companies and institutions with a long term renewable energy supply generated in certified plants.

Clean Energy for Communities

TCEC is a non-profit electric cooperative established in 1945 by 9 citizens of Cimarron, Texas and Beaver counties. Today, it’s still pursuing its original mission, providing affordable and reliable energy to over 23 thousand households. The owners are the clients themselves, who have chosen EGP to secure an innovative and sustainable energy supply for their community.


“Signing this agreement with the Diamond Vista wind farm is an innovative way to reach these goals while we provide further benefits for our community members.”

– Zac Perkins, CEO of TCEC


City Utilities of Springfield provides energy, gas and water to the citizens of the Missouri town, as well as a broadband connection, public transport, volunteering programs and educational opportunities.

Also founded in 1945 at the community’s behest, City Utilities of Springfield is still managed by a board of 11 townspeople appointed by the city council, and seized the opportunities offered by EGP’s PPAs to responsibly serve its 110,000 customers and their community.


“The partnership with Diamond Vista will enhance our renewable energy portfolio with yet another high quality wind source. This will allow CU to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to Springfield’s community for decades to come.”

– Scott Miller, General Manager of City Utilities of Springfield


Kansas’ “Sustainable” Wind

Operations at the Diamond Vista wind farm began in late 2018. The wind farm sits in Marion and Dickinson counties, Kansas, with a total installed capacity of 300 MW and a yearly forecasted production of about 1,300 GWh.


“Diamond Vista further proves our status as the favoured partner of clients that share our same commitment to promoting a future of sustainable energy. We take great pride in endorsing their green energy targets with an affordable and reliable power supply.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power


The Diamond Vista wind farm will join five other EGP plants in Kansas, strengthening the company’s position as Kansas’ and Oklahoma’s leading wind power operator.


Decades of Green Energy

The agreements signed with TCEC and City Utilities of Springfield and with other major US corporations like Kohler Co and Anheuser-Busch are testament to the success of PPAs, a model that demonstrates its worthiness especially for companies and institutions that feature sustainability, innovation and the protection of the environment as their signature traits.

Sustainability is at the core of our business, carried out through the construction of environmentally-conscious renewable power plants, integrated and shared throughout the value creation process by EGP, abiding by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The structure and type of PPAs (on-site, sleeved and virtual) are identified based on the specific needs of each client to fully address their needs and strategies in order to seize the best market opportunities at stake.

The starting point for our contracts is in our power plants, built in total compliance with all the local communities involved. This is how sustainability evolves from being a mere answer blowin’ in the wind, to become a fully-fledged suite of solid, tangible and measurable actions.

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