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The Path of Renewables

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The Path of Renewables

Today, renewable energy plays a strategic role for our future as a leader in fighting climate change and bringing a valid contribution to sustainable development. It is key to powering new business models that can combine economic growth and environmental protection, well-being for people and energy security for societies.

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Technological evolution and global reach have made renewable energy sources very competitive, with a trend that is expected to continue growing, on a purely economic basis, reaching more and more areas of the world.

The innovation in new development models based on the growing economic competitiveness of these energy sources, along with the accellerationon plant construction, the adaptation of regulatory systems and the development of new investment models, have all enabled renewables to take-on a crucial role world wide. Renewable energy sources play a strategic role inhelping build sustainable development models in mature economies, like Europe and the United States, as well as bring electricity, inclusive growth and well-being to new markets such as Africa, Latin America and Asia, guaranteeing energy access to hundreds thousands people.

Record growth in installed capacity and the goal of pushing renewables to higher and higher percentages in the generation mix of individual countries (and of the entire planet) have solid foundations and long-term perspectives.  

Enel has been a pioneer in renewables and is now a global leader in the sector.

Over the years, we’ve widened our geographical and technological range: we are now present on five continents and we build and manage solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass power plants. This is how we’ve reached a position of global leadership, with more than 40 GW of managed capacity in 2017.

This pioneer role, today, is still in Enel Green Power’s DNA. The multi-technological and multi-geographic development model that we imagined and then successfully put into practice has been an innovation on the renewable energy scene worldwide. Thank to the the growth of ourconstruction capacity for developed plants todayEnel Green Power is the biggest builder of renewable plants in the world.

EGP’s growth path has been marked by business choices that have often been milestones for the sector and for new energy pathways for entire countries.

Our entrance into South Africa in 2014 coincided with the country’s acceleration of its renewables development plan. The construction of the Cerro Pabellón plant in Chile, the first geothermal plant in Latin America, represents the beginning of a new course for the entire continent. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Oklahoma and Nebraska demonstrate EGP’s contribution to the full integration of renewables into the new distributed generation paradigm, also from a business model point of view.


“As an industry leader in renewables, we are the first to test the waters for hybrid plants, storage systems integrated with renewable plants, mini-grids powered exclusively by clean sources and even innovative technologies to use the energy of the sea.”

– Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel


The experience we’ve gained over time now allows us to seize the best opportunities, understand markets both from a regulatory and from an investment capacity point of view, so to develop innovative solutions and constantly improve existing ones.

Our people, working every day in over 1200 plants and offices, represent the main energy that we make available to everyone, we the objective to bring our contribution to the future, starting from today.

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