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Enel Green Power and National Geographic tell Green Energy Stories together

Seven countries, nine stories. The protagonists tell us how their lives were changed by our commitment to creating shared value for communities and the environment. This series of true stories was recorded live by the National Geographic team around our plants.

Green Energy Stories

Stories of sustainability and energy

From Brazil’s virgin rainforests, where communities are caretakers of rich biodiversity, to the edges of South Africa’s highlands, where the sun shines year round, 9 protagonists tell us how their lives were changed by the renewable energy that we brought to their communities and the sustainability projects that stemmed from listening to their needs.

These are Green Energy Stories, small and large tales of how a company that produces renewable energy has bonded with communities near its plants, told by our storytelling partner: National Geographic.

Every story springs from a critical moment characterized by today’s social, economic and environmental challenges. The protagonists had to deal with situations that put them to the test and forced them to act, to rebel against the status quo and become pioneers of change and symbols of the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Enel Green Power was both a guide and a companion on these tough yet rewarding journeys, steadfast in its commitment to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as per the 2030 Agenda.

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