“Worldwide, we are one of the main renewable operators with an annual production of about 82 TWh**, produced mainly from water, sun, wind and heat from the earth.”

The clean energy generated by our plants is able to meet the consumption needs of millions of families around the world and helps reduce carbon emissions, combating climate change and facilitating a new model of decarbonised development. 

Having drawn strength from our international experience, we also develops bespoke projects to offer companies the best solutions when it comes to energy from renewable sources. Clean energy and sustainable projects, competitive costs and personalised solutions are the main benefits of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), tools capable of building solid, long-lasting partnerships with commercial and industrial customers.

Sustainable Development

Our development strategy is based on technological and geographic diversification, focusing our activities on expanding markets, which are characterised by the ready availability of natural resources, high growth rates in energy demand and stable socio-economic contexts.

Our development strategy contemplates sustainability in all its aspects in order to work in an innovative way, less with the logic of reaction to critical issues and more with a proactive approach, aimed at identifying opportunities for creating shared value for the company and the territory.

Renewables: An Open Door to the Future

We believe that renewable sources are an important tool both for promoting the competitiveness of production systems in various countries and for ensuring the security of energy source supply.

The widespread production of electricity from water, sun, wind and heat from the earth contributes to greater energy autonomy for nations, and at the same time supports the safeguarding of the environment.

“We are a leader in countries with an established tradition in the renewables sector as well as being among the main players in new markets with strong growth potential, such as Zambia, Indonesia and Australia.”

Innovation and New Business

EGP has developed new business and technologies, such as the construction of off-grid solutions and storage systems in order to improve flexibility and performance in its plants.

Thanks to our constant search for technical and operational excellence around the world, our attention to technological innovation and the effort of our more than 8,000 colleagues around the world, we look to the future with full awareness of Enel Green Power’s great potential for further growth, both in size and in performance.

We are also one of the founding members of RES4MED - Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and beyond, an association founded in 2012 to promote renewable energy and electricity infrastructures necessary for its transport in the Mediterranean region.


*20 countries with assets in operations and under construction (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgary, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, United States, Panama, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Spain) and 9 countries in development phase (Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, Kenya, Turkey, Singapore, Zambia, Russia, Ethiopia)

**data on March 31th, 2018