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Central America has achieved the goal of 10 million hours without accidents

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Staff members from all power plants and offices in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama have given a clear example of the Enel Group's safety-focused philosophy, by reaching the milestone of 10 million hours without accidents over the last four years.

This is the result of a planned program for occupational health and safety that features Continuous Training and the promotion of a safety culture involving all employees and third parties; Good Occupational Health and Safety Practices; Recording and Monitoring of lessons learned; Monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety Indicators and timely Identification of risks, among others.

“As a region, we are proud to have reached this goal. Nevertheless, this is a work in progress and a team effort that is strengthened every day with a solid safety culture, involving all of us, employees and third parties, and with the analysis of reported data and preventive decision-making,” says Bruno Riga, Head of Central America for Enel Global Power Generation.

Another essential element of our safety policy is the creation of shared value, thanks to close collaboration with all our contractors, and this has enabled us to constantly convey this safety culture, and not just in our plants and offices.

“Our strict safety standards and the application of technological innovations such as HSEQ4U are practices that have contributed significantly to reaching this milestone. The most important thing, however, is that everyone at Enel has embraced safety as a way of life,” says Juan José Ruiz, Head of HSEQ for the region.

It is also worth pointing out that our Stop Work policy gives all employees the right to stop work if they feel it poses a risk to their safety and that of their colleagues. This policy is a timely reminder that the health and safety of employees and the protection of the environment are part of our daily commitment, and they take priority over all other considerations.

Reaching the milestone of 10 million working hours without accidents offers us another opportunity to stress that everyone at Enel is responsible for maintaining the highest possible level of concentration. We must give priority to safety over everything else, while strictly observing the rules and regulations, and always being on the lookout for any possible risk, both to ourselves and those around us.

Congratulations to everyone on this achievement!

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