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A long history of mutual understanding, sustainability and innovation have allowed the country to gain social, economic and environmental benefits. We’re working to guarantee a greener future in the Hellenic peninsula.

Enel Green Power in Greece, facts and figures

Towards a power generation mix that leverages the country’s natural resources.

  • Plants 59

    Plants 59 Hydro, wind and solar

  • MW 481

    MW 481 Total capacity

  • Sustainability 8

    Sustainability 8 Projects carried out in 2019 towards external beneficiaries


Here’s where our sustainable energy comes from

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Customer Awareness Is Key to Accelerate the Energy Transition

The way we produce and consume goods is systematically degrading the planet we live on. Indeed, most of the products we take for granted as a western society – such as batteries, clothes, oil, meat, plastics – would simply be inaccessible if they were priced in order to include their actual environmental and labor costs. To tackle climate change, we must switch to a more sustainable way of producing and consuming.

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Renewable energy in Greece is one click away

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