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A story that began in 2008 with the aim of shifting toward a decarbonized society. We actively contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of the areas of Greece where we operate, applying the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model, finding new business opportunities, solving social issues and being competitive while creating long-term sustainable value.

Enel Green Power in Greece, facts and figures

Towards a power generation mix that leverages the country’s natural resources.

  • Plants 65

    Plants 65 59 renewable plants in operation producing wind, solar and hydro energy and 6 new solar plants under construction

  • MW 566

    MW 566 We have 59 plants totaling 482 MW of operated capacity powered by renewable wind, solar and hydro energy and 6 solar plants of 84 MW under construction

  • Sustainability 8

    Sustainability 8 Projects carried out in 2019 towards external beneficiaries


Here’s where our sustainable energy comes from

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Energy production from RES: The only way for energy transition and a sustainable development

Amid an unprecedented energy crisis and the significant geopolitical turmoil that Europe is experiencing today, the decarbonization of the energy mix is ​​the only way forward for Greece and the European Union. The effects of the crisis we are experiencing are already visible, bringing unbearable price appreciations and painful consequences for households, industries, and growth prospects, leaving no room for complacency.

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Renewable energy in Greece is one click away

Read all the stories of  our commitment to the country.

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