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We’re a developer, long-term owner and operator of renewable energy plants, working to build a sustainable future for communities and businesses across Canada.

Our facts and figures in Canada

From partnerships with customers and local communities to the cutting-edge technology deployed at our projects. Discover all our stories.

  • Plants 4

    Plants 4 Wind.

  • Capacity (GW) 0.4

    Capacity (GW) 0.4 Operational capacity.


Here’s where our sustainable energy comes from

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For landowners

Creating social and economic development for local communities

We are proud to stand side by side with local residents, skilled tradespeople and landowners as we bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars into local economies through our renewable energy projects.


Discovering renewable energy in Canada is one click away

Read all the stories of our commitment to the country.

Enel Green Power’s Wind Journey in the US and Canada

Follow the path and see how Enel Green Power develops, builds and operates every project with extensive expertise, while respecting the environment, communities and landowners.

Photo gallery

Video gallery

Renewable energy in the USA and Canada: FAQ

Solar and wind power are playing increasingly important roles, both in terms of the environment and the economy, but many people still don’t understand how exactly they work. In these two sections we give detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Facts about Wind Energy

Communities across the US and Canada are taking advantage of clean, renewable wind energy to make our power supply more sustainable. Due to multiple factors, including new end-of-life innovations, state, local and federal regulations, investment in wind energy is growing.

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Facts about Solar Energy

The future is bright for solar energy in North America. The adoption of utility-scale solar is rapidly increasing as technology improves and becomes cheaper. It is estimated that solar will account for 30% of electricity generation in the US by 2030.

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Facts about Battery Energy Storage

As renewable energy continues to grow in the US and Canada, so does the demand to install utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) to our projects. Our ambition to accelerate the energy transition and reach America’s net zero carbon goal by 2035 drives our effort to install energy storage capacity at our sites.

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