Working together to open up new markets, develop technologies and follow the path of disruptive innovation

Innovation has no country. Ideas that can improve the lives of thousands of people and can transform markets, technologies and production sectors can come from anywhere and anyone.

The digital revolution is contributing to an increasingly global spread of knowledge and opens up new possibilities of sharing experiences and discoveries through a single collaboration network linking individual makers, start-ups, large companies and institutions around the world.

Collaborations and partnerships are the most effective way to respond to the challenges of climate change, to shape models of sustainable development, and to pursue new business possibilities.

“Only together can we achieve what each of us seeks to achieve.”

– Karl T. Jaspers

The Unity that Leads to Innovation

Today, even individual makers and young start-ups can discover solutions and come up with projects able to transform the entire energy sector and renew the world of renewables itself.

“We are open to ideas and suggestions from anyone who shares our vision, who follows the path of disruptive innovation and who is interested in working with us to make the world a better place. ”

Our invitation to collaborate translates into a daily willingness to dialogue with those who are searching for never-before-seen solutions. This is why we’ve launched a crowdsourcing platform where anyone can present suggestions, ideas and projects to then be completed together.

With Companies for New Business

We are promoters and members of numerous partnerships that involve companies and institutions with the shared goal of promoting the development of renewables and the spread of new forms of clean energy.

In the countries were we work, we have several ongoing industrial partnerships with companies committed to the various sectors of renewables and on the front lines of innovation.

Our technological excellence comes from sharing and collaboration with multinationals, specialised businesses and also local companies, with whom we develop solutions able to make our work more efficient and effective.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

Valued Partners for Sustainable Development

Our international experience also leads us to collaborate with institutions, universities and companies in order to support and promote the spread and development of renewables throughout the world.

For years, we have been members of the associations bringing together operators from the European wind and solar sectorsSolar Power Europe and Wind Europe. Francesco Venturini, CEO of EGP, was elected president of the latter in April 2016.

We are also one of the founders and members of Res4Med, a non-profit association that brings together energy utilities, companies and research centres in order to promote clean energy solutions in Mediterranean countries.

This experience led to the foundation, in 2016, of the association Res4Africa, which sees us committed to sustaining the dialogue between public institutions and private companies for the development of renewables in the area of sub-Saharan Africa.