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Let’s electrify the world!

Let’s electrify the world!

This is the decade of electrification: electricity generated by renewables is the pivotal energy vector in spearheading the energy transition towards decarbonization

Renewables spearheading electrification

“Electrification” means gradually transitioning to using electricity generated by renewables for public and private services and activities which have until now been powered mostly by fossil fuels. Imagine a cleaner, more sustainable and efficient world with everything - from our homes to transport and industry - powered just by decarbonized electricity.

Electrifying final consumption using energy from renewables is the most effective way to bring about the energy transition. It is only by decarbonizing electricity generation that we will be able to halt climate change, which is currently threatening the planet.  

The direct electrification of final consumption using renewable energy can also be combined with the indirect electrification of so-called 'hard-to-abate’ industrial sectors – shipping, aviation, mining and heavy industry– using green hydrogen

The advantages of electrification using renewables

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