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The Circular Economy

Innovate, renovate, reuse, recycle: the circular economy is among the most efficient solutions to guarantee sustainable development.

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Sustainable resources

Use renewable energy sources and biodegradable, recyclable or renewable materials

Product as a service

A new concept of ownership with companies able to offer a single service that can be used by many instead of the same product replicated for multiple individuals, maximizing the usage factor and service life

Sharing platforms

Tools where users and owners can share and collaborate to optimize the cost of goods and services and the resources used to produce them

Extended service life

Produce to obtain a longer lifecycle, foreseeing more possibilities to update, repair and regenerate products

New lifecycle

Every solution intends to preserve the value of a good at the end of its lifecycle thanks to the option to reuse, regenerate, upcycle or recycle it in synergy with the other pillars.

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