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On the Trail of the Glaciers with EGP. Mission: Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

New expedition of “On the trail of the glaciers,” a project supported by Enel Green Power. On February 11, photographer Fabiano Ventura and a team of researchers began the fourth in a series of long journeys to discover the Earth's large glaciers, study their evolution over the decades and document the effects of climate change

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The focus is on Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego: the latest expedition of “On the trail of the glaciers,” a project supported by Enel Green Power, has started in the world’s ‘deep south’. On February 11, photographer Fabiano Ventura begins the fourth in a series of long journeys to discover the Earth’s large glaciers and study their evolution over the decades.

The “On the trail of the glaciers” project, whose three previous expeditions brought the photographer to Karakorum (2009), the Caucasus (2011) and Alaska (2013), will now travel one thousand kilometres between Chile and Argentina to document the ‘health’ of these massive ice shelves and the effects of climate change by means of repeat photography and a study of phenomena in the field.

The team of photographers, filmmakers and researchers who form the expedition promoted by the Macromicro Association will travel for two months in the pristine lands of the world’s ‘deep south,’ visiting Torri del Paine National Park and the Exploradores glacier in Chile and the area surrounding Argentino Lake and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina.

Following in the footsteps of Alberto Maria De Agostini, Ventura will visit the places where the Italian missionary, photographer and filmmaker travelled between 1910 and the mid-1950s to take new pictures so they can be compared to the photos taken sixty years ago from the same vantage point.

Repeat photography has an invaluable power of visual communication, making it possible to raise awareness of the dire, ongoing effects of climate change among a wide audience. This practice enables audiences to compare historical images with contemporary ones taken from the same spot.

Fabiano Ventura’s archive, based on the three previous expeditions and enriched with images of this new mission, is set to become the most important documentation of the Earth’s glaciers, achieved by using the technique of repeat photography.

The team of researchers, engineers and geologists joining in the expedition will use data collected on the field, satellite images and films made with drones to obtain 3D models of Chile’s Exploradores glacier and of glacier fronts and other formations.

During the expedition, videos will also be made in order to produce a documentary on the team’s fieldwork and tell the remarkable story of Father De Agostini and his extensive exploration of this region, combining images from his historical photographs and films with current footage.

To follow the expedition in real time with the narration, images and videos of the “On the trail of the glaciers” team, follow Fabiano Ventura on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo), as well as the Macromicro Association(Facebook, Instagram e Twitter).

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