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RES4Africa and IRENA The development of renewable energy in Africa passes through Rome

RES4Africa and IRENA have signed a letter of intent in Rome to strengthen their cooperation in supporting the development of renewable energy in Africa. The meeting also provided a chance to reiterate the importance of the water-energy-food nexus and to present the "Africa's Future Counts” publication.

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How influential is energy in the life of girls around the world? How different would their lives be if they had been born and raised in a small rural village in Africa, where energy arrives in spurts, water for drinking and cooking is scarce and far away, and there’s a daily struggle for food?

The nexus of energy, water and food was at the heart of the encounter organized by the RES4Africa Foundation and the Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development (ACSD) entitled “Africa’s Future Counts Renewables and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”, which took place on July 15th in Rome. The meeting highlighted the role of renewable energy as it relates to and facilitates these three elements, so fundamental to human life.

The event provided the backdrop for a letter of intent to be signed between RES4Africa and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), thereby stressing the importance of cooperation in order to accelerate the development of renewable energy in Africa and to guarantee sustainable development aligned with global climate change objectives. 


“Africa’s future prosperity is inconceivable without access to renewable energy. The “Water-Energy-Food” nexus approach provides a framework for new business models and partnerships that can open up markets and pave the way for sustainable development.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, President of the RES4Africa Foundation and CEO of Enel Green Power


Cooperation between the RES4Africa Foundation and IRENA lays the foundations for creating a favorable climate for the development of renewable energy in Africa, both in terms of collaboration between the public and private sectors and of technical and managerial skills training and development for the sector’s future employees.

The development of renewable energy in Africa will also be a significant opportunity to facilitate access to new sources of financing to create new successful investment and business models.


“Stronger partnerships contribute to the energy transformation process and help millions of people living in rural villages throughout Africa to get out of energetic poverty while developing socio-economically.”

– Francesco La Camera, General Director of IRENA


Africa’s future is the future of the world

Africa is a growing continent in every aspect. For example, in 2030, energy demand will be 70% higher than in 2016, the demand for food 60% higher, and for water, an incredible 283% higher.

A path to meet those future demands must be mapped out today.

For that purpose, the publication "Africa's Future Counts", issued by the RES4Africa Foundation in collaboration with the Enel Foundation, was presented during the event with the aim to provide an innovative perspective on closing Africa’s gap to energy access via renewable resources.

In "Africa's Future Counts", the strong interdependence among water, food and energy is underlined, while renewable resources are enabling factors for the elements in the nexus and a powerful engine driving sustainable development.

As local energy solutions become oriented towards green energy sources, the positive impact will be felt worldwide. Long-term use of renewable resources in Africa will, in fact, contribute to reducing pollution and fighting global warming.

Enel Green Power and Africa

Enel Green Power is one of the main renewable energy operators in Africa, and is fully aware of the challenges the continent will face in the coming years.

That’s why, in addition to developing new plants, EGP is deeply involved in a series of projects to foster and accelerate the transition towards renewable resources throughout the continent, such as the renewAfrica Initiative, an innovative project to facilitate private European investments in the renewable energy sector.

Launched on June 4th in Rome, renewAfrica promotes high-level dialogs about developing legislative frameworks and policies favorable to investments, as well as offering financing and de-risking tools.

Moreover, the goal of the initiative is to encourage capacity-building and knowledge-transfer to stimulate long-term project development and provide suitable political and legislative support by making appropriate tools available during each project phase for every technology and every country.

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