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The Sustainability Forum: building together a sustainable future

Discover the themes of the first stage of the Sustainability Forum in Rome: Enel's commitment to corporate sustainability is at the centre.

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Promoting the integration of sustainability values in the procurement process, providing suppliers with the chance to pursue a conscious pattern for growth through a shared development model based on transparent and straightforward rules.

This is the goal of the Sustainability Forum, an Enel-sponsored event to discuss how sustainability is changing the corporate work process and a way to actively engage the entire value chain in the integration process of sustainable practices.

During the first stage of the project - held in Rome on December 16 - Enel met with service providers, purveyors and thermal generation suppliers for Enel, to lecture them on the importance of sustainability in the creation of shared value and on its role as a competitive advantage, for both the Group and for stakeholders involved in this initiative.

The Forum is part of a wider context that called for the input of sustainability themes as part of the various procurement policies like, for example, the use of sustainability KPIs in tendering procedures, or for instance, reward mechanism based on the sustainability levels attained by supply contracts.


The role of the Supply Chain

During the first meet up of the Sustainability Forum, a round table was opened to share the specific role of the Supply Chain have in meeting corporate global sustainable development goals.

Reduction of CO2 emissions, Circular Economy, Human Rights, sustainable construction site and power station, skill creation: these are the topics covered during the workshop with results to be thoroughly analyzed in order to create an action plan to be implemented as part of a holistic approach.


“Performing sustainable policies in our power stations and construction areas is reductive. Our goal is to create a ‘fair transition’ through Open Power ecosystems that diverge from a linear business model to embrace a circular one. That’s why we’re expanding the concept of sustainability from our value chain (development, construction, O&I, operational functions, et. al.) to all involved stakeholders, including purveyors of the supply chain, so to further increase the positive impact from our activities.”

– Giovanni Tula, Head of Sustainability, Enel Green Power, and Renato Mastroianni, Head of Procurement, Enel Green Power


Suppliers have shared their sustainability-related activities and through the Creative Problem Solving model, a series of actions and ideas have come up and will become part of the working plan.

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