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South Africa, Nxuba: innovation serving safety

By using predictive technology, resulting from an innovative partnership with the Advanced Microwave Engineering company, Enel Green Power, once and for all reiterates how safety represents a fundamental driver of its own business model.

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South Africa is a treasure trove of wildlife with lush and varied flora and fauna that captivates and commands respect for its sheer grandiosity. It’s no coincidence that respect is the keyword that defines how Enel Green Power is fostering the spread of renewables in the country.

EGP is working with the community, for the community, building on trustresponsibility, and proactivity, coupled with innovation, sustainability, economic growth, and social development to set up new renewable power stations and CSV (Creating Shared Value) initiatives. South Africa sees us take a commanding role in supporting education, together with higher education, as well as in tackling school drop-out rates.

Health&Safety is another segment where some thorough work was performed, thanks to a continuous improvement of work procedures and the application of innovations centered on safety, as exemplified by our Nxuba wind farm, currently under construction in South Africa’s Amatole district.

EGOpro Safe MOVE is the name of the tool currently improving safety levels throughout all construction stages. Visual and sound alarms alert drivers in real-time on the position of workers near the moving vehicle by visualizing them on a built-in display. This system is used by 5000 professionals and is equipped on 70 vehicles, as it proved instrumental in reaching 560,000 incident-free work hours.

The Nxuba wind farm - Enel Green Power’s third facility in the Eastern Cape province - is slated to go online by September 2020 and, once fully operational, is projected to generate over 460 GWh, offsetting over 500,000 tons of CO2 annually.

EGP isn’t leaving all innovations to the safety sector, as construction work in Nxuba witnesses the implementation of other cutting-edge tools, like digital platforms and software solutions to remotely control worksite activities and the commissioning of the facility, as well as digital tools that perform on-site quality checks and the smart tracking of wind turbine components. Using such tools and procedures will allow for a faster, more reliable and precise data collection, improving the overall quality of works while streamlining communications between on-site and off-site workers.

Enel Green Power works for the wellbeing of people by leveraging the most advanced technology to further improve overall safety levels in its worksites, facilities and headquarters throughout the world.

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