Mission Accomplished for Andrea Fantini, Bringing EGP’s Sustainability to the Défi Atlantique

Published on Wednesday, 17 April 2019

“We are very happy! All of our sailing and route choices and were good, with the correct timing, and I’m very happy because I’m the one that launched this long-standing project.”

– Andrea Fantini, Skipper of the Enel Green Power Class 40

On 8 April, the second and final stage of the regatta Défi Atlantique began: 1,300 miles from Horta to the final destination of La Rochelle.

In this race, marked by high winds, the Enel Green Power Class 40 and its crew showed they could keep the pace even with more modern Class 40s.

“These days, the level in the Class40 category is very high. There are experienced skippers, used to going strong always, no matter what. It’s a sign that here, too, they’re not kidding around and that the Defi Atlantique is a real regatta.”

– Andrea Fantini, Skipper of the Enel Green Power Class 40

The Boat of Sustainability

The Enel Green Power Class 40, in addition to being 100% eco-power, is also an open-air energy laboratory where Enel Green Power can test new marine generation technologies and get valuable information for the improvement of existing ones.

As Innovation Partner of the Andrea Fantini Racing team, Enel Green Power equipped the Class 40 with a mini-grid, which combines energy produced by solar panels, a wind turbine and a hydrogenerator with an energy storage system.

On board, we also installed a monitoring system that can send energy consumption and production data to land in real time, to allow EGP technicians to study and apply the most fitting solutions.

On the Enel Green Power Class 40, the history of sailing and innovation are combined in a brand new configuration that, with Andrea Fantini’s amazing achievement in the Défi Atlantique, confirms that there is a way to experience sailing while fully respecting the well-being of the ocean.