The Sustainability Forum: building together a sustainable future

Published on Friday, 20 December 2019

“Performing sustainable policies in our power stations and construction areas is reductive. Our goal is to create a ‘fair transition’ through Open Power ecosystems that diverge from a linear business model to embrace a circular one. That’s why we’re expanding the concept of sustainability from our value chain (development, construction, O&I, operational functions, et. al.) to all involved stakeholders, including purveyors of the supply chain, so to further increase the positive impact from our activities.”

– Giovanni Tula, Head of Sustainability, Enel Green Power, and Renato Mastroianni, Head of Procurement, Enel Green Power

Suppliers have shared their sustainability-related activities and through the Creative Problem Solving model, a series of actions and ideas have come up and will become part of the working plan.