Colombia: project launched to restock Magdalena River with fish

Published on Friday, 17 January 2020

“Repopulating the river with fish, which has just begun, will bring significant benefits to the people living in the Huila Department. The goal is to conserve endemic species of fish which provide a source of income for the region. That’s why this project will definitely have a positive impact on the 200 plus fishermen who work along the river from Puerto Seco to La Jagua.”

– Marco Fragale, manager of Enel-Emgesa

EGP’s renewables challenge in Colombia

In Colombia, Enel Green Power is on the front line of the transition towards renewable energy and is creating new opportunities that favor sustainable development models with low environmental impact.

Last spring, the El Paso photovoltaic power plant, the largest solar plant to date in Colombia, entered into operation. Four more projects - three wind (Windpeshi, Tumawind and Chemesky) and one solar (La Loma) – won the Cargo por Confiabilidad renewable energy production bid.

In addition to developing new plants, EGP is also committed to protecting the country’s environment, biodiversity and local communities.

Last year, for example, we launched a project to save the Bogota River, one of the most polluted rivers in Colombia. While building the El Paso facility, we launched various training initiatives in the area aiming to create professionals in the renewables sector.