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Technical documents from the energy world

Technical documents from the energy world

A comprehensive overview of technical documents, sector studies and insights from external sources that cover every aspect of the energy world: from research and development to market estimates.

Is the Virtual PPA the best path to achieving your sustainability goals?

In this white paper from Enel Green Power, you’ll learn more about the four paths to renewables and what the key considerations are for engaging in a virtual power purchase agreement.

What’s the best way to market your company’s renewable energy achievements?

Companies are increasingly setting emissions reduction targets and investing in renewables. Yet in addition to taking action, brands need to tell their sustainability stories. This free guide explains how to market your company’s renewable energy purchases and partnerships.

Six Things to Know about IFRS Accounting Before Getting Started with a VPPA

More and more companies are purchasing renewable energy through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs). In this free guide you can learn more about IFRS accounting to successfully implement your first VPPA.

Guide to Building a Successful Renewable Energy Purchasing Team

Choosing a renewable energy solution can be an energy manager's biggest challenge. This white paper will walk you through our main renewable energy solutions, including the Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA), and help you identify the option that best matches your company's goals.

Decarbonizing Supply Chains: Collaboration and Renewable Energy Strategies

Download this free guide to learn from renewable energy and sustainability experts at Enel Green Power how to reduce your supply chain emissions to help your company achieve its sustainability goals.

5 Trends for Renewable Energy Buyers in 2022 and Beyond

What are the near-term growth prospects for wind and solar energy? What advances are expected in terms of decarbonization and Scope 3 goals? This guide answers these and other questions, and is useful for companies in designing their sustainable energy procurement strategies.

Guarantees of Origin and Corporate Procurement Options

This report has been prepared by the RE-Source Platform in order to provide information on European renewable electricity procurement strategies with a special focus on the Guarantees of Origin. The report outlines the need for companies to purchase Energy Attribute Certificates, explains GOs mechanism and market, describes the common procurement models and highlights future trends.

Accelerating power system decarbonization

Renewable electricity (RES-E) is core to corporate decarbonization strategies. The purpose of this paper, which was written by the RE-Source Platform and Eurelectric, is to consider 24/7 matching strategies focused on the procurement of renewable energy to accelerate power system decarbonization. 

Why companies are increasingly turning to renewable energy

This in-depth report by RE100, a group of companies that are 100% committed to renewable energy, explains why it is a must, and why, in the current climate, businesses are beginning to understand this.

Innovation in Power Purchase Agreement Structures

This report builds on WBCSD’s Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements: Scaling up globally report (October 2016), which provides background on corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs). 

Business Climate Resilience: Thriving Through the Transformation

WBCSD’s report brings together important global developments and latest thinking on climate adaptation and resilience, with particular focus on private sector climate resilience.

How multi-technology PPAs could help companies reduce risk

This paper adds an additional focus to the previous publications and discusses a particular type of PPA – a multi-technology PPA – and the manner in which developers and corporate buyers may increasingly be using it.

IFRS accounting outline for Power Purchase Agreements

As part of their sustainability strategies, companies across the globe are entering into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy generators. This paper aims to help address issues surrounding accounting for corporate renewable PPAs.

Carbon Pricing White Paper

Carbon pricing is an accepted concept for managing carbon emissions and many jurisdictions are looking to implement one instrument or another. 

Introduction to Corporate Sourcing report

Renewable energy procurement provides organisations with a means to power their operations with carbon-free electricity and secure low-cost electricity consumption over a long-time period.