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Mexico moves with renewable energy

Mexico moves with renewable energy

By Ricardo Whaley - Head of Energy Management and Commercialization, Mexico, Enel Green Power

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Enel Green Power has promoted the consumption of renewable energy ever since it first became operative in Mexico in 2008. It has consistently focused its efforts on building and operating sufficient capacity to meet the needs of its multiple clients, providing not only clean energy, but also tailor-made options, alternatives to conventional sources and a positive vision of the future.

Since 2016 we have been involved in substantial and rapid changes in the sector. Examples include the creation of the Wholesale Electricity Market and long-term auctions, in which Enel has been awarded seven projects. Many of these are already injecting energy into the country. The following stand out: the Villanueva solar plant, the largest photovoltaic park in Latin America and the Amistad cluster which, once it’s completed, will be the largest wind project in Mexico.

During this period, we have learned that our market isn’t unaffected by global trends. On the contary, we consider the companies that operate in Mexico to be pioneers, in terms of the application of sustainable practices. There is growing commitment in this respect. An important group of companies has decided to begin a process that starts with the search for efficient energy consumption; it reaches a second phase when it includes the consumption of renewable sources, in order, in the most successful cases, to achieve a total offsetting of emissions.

The growing interest in achieving these goals and the demand of various clients led to the setting up of Enel Energía México (EEM). It offers portfolio services, risk management and the sale of energy and green certificates to companies with an annual electricity demand greater than 1 MW. This energy company for large consumers will be our engine of growth in Mexico over the coming years.

In this way, we offer various services. And our philosophy is always the same: to ensure that sustainable energy drives Mexican industry. This is not only through renewable sources, but also through a process that is guided by transparency and integrity.


A sustainable ally

There are three pillars that have made customers prefer us, and we are very clear about them:

Flexibility in the product structure: We have plans and products that are tailored to suit the needs and challenges presented by each client.

Management experience: We have more than 12 years of experience in Mexico alone. This means that we fully know the local context; but we are also backed by a nearly 60-year history of success in almost 30 countries, with all kinds of administrations, resources and challenges.

Information transparency: We could say that this feature is the icing on the cake for our clients. Not only do we provide responsible and guaranteed service, we also share relevant information generated in the electricity market. This enables them to make decisions based on clear data.

Putting these key points into practice is how we manage to keep our clients and attract new ones. It also helps us consolidate our national leadership. Furthermore, we always work with total transparency and in compliance with the country's regulations and for the benefit of all concerned. There are various experts in managing the wholesale electricity market and in the operation of renewable plants, but only Enel is consistent with its own philosophy, with sustainability and integral clean generation at its root.


We are increasingly becoming allies with the same goal

There are many companies that are committed to sustainable change. For example, this year we closed a strategic agreement to supply 28.8 GWh of green, wind and solar energy to a Heineken brewery located in Meoqui, Chihuahua. The energy delivered each year to the facility will prevent the annual emission of more than 167,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. It is the equivalent of the planting of more than 4.2 million trees per year, or taking around 33,000 vehicles out of circulation. INCLUDE LINKS TO THE WEB

We also work with Citibanamex, which has a robust sustainability program and we have enjoyed a successful relationship with them since 2014:  Enel's renewable energy is essential for its future plans. With Criotec, a Mexican company specialized in refrigeration, we launched our “Green Seal” worldwide, a badge available for products or establishments that use renewable energy from EGP.


The present and the future are green

We are convinced that the present and the future of Mexico are both green. We, our partners, and almost every company we speak to, see multiple opportunities to continue to drive clean energy use. Today companies are not only looking for reasonable prices, but also the guarantees that their suppliers can offer, that the production chain is in accordance with their values and that there is post-sales service. This sets us apart.

We need to have the courage to continue generating reliable and clean energy to move towards new environmentally friendly alternatives and, together with our customers, keep the conversation active about a responsible future for all. If you still don't know where to start, you do know what we have to offer and we will help guide you towards generating a better tomorrow.

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