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Green hydrogen: the perfect ally in decarbonizing your business

Green hydrogen: the perfect ally in decarbonizing your business

Green hydrogen is exactly what you need to decarbonize your business if electrification is not an option. By choosing to develop a green hydrogen system with us, you can join us on the journey to decarbonization in an increasingly sustainable world economy.

What it is

The only viable route to sustainability

Produced entirely using renewable energy, green hydrogen offers the only possible route aside from electrification to decarbonizing consumption to deliver a zero-emissions world capable of limiting climate change by containing global warming.  

Green hydrogen does not generate carbon dioxide emissions. This makes it the ideal way of taking effective action in sectors that are difficult to decarbonize by, for example, replacing fossil fuels in industrial processes.

EGP’s solutions

The energy vector of tomorrow

Enel Green Power offers you three solutions: a stand-alone hydrogen system at your facility, a hybrid hydrogen system that includes a photovoltaic system and/or batteries to store energy on site at your facility and a co-located hydrogen system at an Enel Green Power plant.    

We can help you find the best solutions for your business and for our future. Want to join us on the journey to sustainability?  

Contact Us

Ask our commercial team for a consultation either by filling out the form or writing to: commercialegp@enel.com


Your data will be processed according to the website privacy policy to answer your request. EGP is present in different Countries and, depending on the Country you specify in the contact form, your request can be redirected to the local commercial team, which will act in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. For California residents, please refer also to our Notice at Collection.

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