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The Social Impact of Renewable Energy Projects: from Classrooms to Careers

The Social Impact of Renewable Energy Projects: From Classrooms to Careers

Learn how choosing the right renewable energy partner can deliver so much more than a megawatt.

About the Paper

Organizations increasingly procure renewable energy to help fulfill their commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But, companies are also realizing they can get more for their money. At Enel Green Power, we take a community-first approach to our renewable energy business. By executing an innovative business strategy called Creating Shared Value (CSV), Enel nurtures minds and bodies. Corporations are increasingly eager to partner with us on renewable energy projects because of CSV and its positive impact on communities.

Read this case study to learn:

  • About Creating Shared Value and its lasting impact in North America
  • The diverse education initiatives for grades K-12 supported by CSV
  • The support Enel provides for college education and career transition

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