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Casei Gerola Solar Project

Casei Gerola Solar Project, Italy

In development

About the project

Casei Gerola Solar Project

Enel Green Power is developing the Casei Gerola solar park in the province of Pavia, Lombardy.

The ground-mounted photovoltaic plant will be located on a 6.5-hectare plot of land earmarked for production purposes and will be constructed using the best technologies currently available on the market. Photovoltaic panels that can absorb energy from both sides (bi-facial modules) will be mounted on structures capable of tracking the movement of the sun during the day(single-axis trackers), in order to maximize the amount of renewable energy produced.

Light bulb


Ground-mounted solar panels



In development

Pie chart


4.54 MW

Wind turbine

CO2 emissions avoided

Approximately 3,000 metric tons of CO2 per year


Energy demand

Approximately 2,200 Italian families per year*

*Estimate based on a typical Italian family's average annual consumption.


A project that residents can contribute to in solidarity

This project is also an opportunity for the local community. The solar park is part of the Renewable Choice project, dedicated to fostering the active and concrete participation of local communities in the development of clean energy and facilitating the country’s progress towards total decarbonization

In particular, this initiative gives local residents the opportunity to help finance the project through an online crowdfunding campaign, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain an economic return linked to a fixed annual interest rate, in addition to the return of the initial capital invested.

Find out more about Renewable Choice

Contact Us

Do you have any questions? We want to hear from you. If you have any inquiry about the project please contact us and we will be in touch shortly. 

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