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Renewable Choice

Renewable Choice

We want to encourage more active involvement by local communities in the development of clean energy and in the decarbonization process. And in order to promote the creation of shared value, we are also launching investment initiatives that are open to all citizens.

Shared value

The energy transition is a global phenomenon that poses some very real challenges when it comes to the decarbonizing the energy sector.  

The aim of the decarbonization process is to tackle the issues of global warming and climate change by focusing on a zero greenhouse gas emissions system centred on using green technologies to produce energy from renewable sources and based on the principles of environmental sustainability, efficiency and circularity.   

This is a genuine paradigm shift both from an energy and social perspective. Indeed, the new Creating Shared Value (CSV) model sees value created for the company as always being accompanied by a tangible benefit for society and local communities. Enel Green Power Italy’s new “Green Investment” and “Energy solidarity" initiatives slot perfectly into this scenario in the country as they are innovative tools aimed at creating said shared value and fostering active involvement in the transition.

The transition involves the energy world on all levels: on the one hand, the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables and the development of new technologies, such as storage systems and, on the other, the gradual electrification of consumption and the development and digitalization of grids, with the aim of delivering energy efficiency and system resilience.

The energy transition process must, however, also involve a virtuous journey of raising awareness among all stakeholders involved in the energy system, starting with citizens themselves as actors as well as the first beneficiaries of the advantages of the development of renewable energy sources.   

Active participants in the energy transition

Enel Green Power has made the spirit of CSV its own and always involves all stakeholders across the areas involved in its activities. This means bodies, businesses and, in particular, citizens, while fully respecting the ecosystems in which our plants are located and consistent with the virtuous journey of the energy transition.

Renewable plants are, in fact, one of the fundamental ways of creating a sustainable system but most importantly of all, they can also provide an opportunity for 360-degree economic and social development in their local areas.  

From this perspective, we have launched a new project in Italy called “Renewable Choice” to encourage local communities to play a more active role in the development of clean energies and thus drive forward the country’s decarbonization process.

We are using this new project to promote awareness among Italian citizens of their own role as active players in the energy transition, as they are the first beneficiaries and users of the positive effects of renewable energy sources in Italy.

Our commitment to local communities aims to pursue the following goals

Creation of Shared Value

Economic and social development

Environmental sustainability

Green investment

“Green investment” is one of the initiatives being promoted by Enel Green Power as part of the “Renewable Choice” project in Italy.  

It allows Italian citizens resident in Italy to invest in the creation of new renewables plants through a lending crowdfunding[1] campaign which will enable them to enjoy the economic benefits of the development of new renewables plants with Enel Green Power.  


[1]For a definition of lending crowdfunding, please see FAQs.

Energy solidarity

As part of the “Renewable Choice” project, Enel Green Power has also created the “Energy solidarity” initiative which aims to virtually assign part of the energy produced by the plant to families that are experiencing hardship.

Specifically, this will involve the total or partial coverage within certain time limits of electricity costs incurred by low-income citizens resident in the Municipalities involved in the initiative.

If you are a Municipality interested in having more details about the initiative, simply write to us at infosviluppoegp@enel.com