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Malvezzi Solar Project, Italy

Malvezzi Solar Project, Italy

In operation

About the project

The Malvezzi solar project

We built the Malvezzi solar farm in the Municipality of Poggio Renatico (Ferrara) in Emilia Romagna.

The large-scale ground-mounted solar PV farm was built on a production site of around 22 hectares, using the best technology available on the market. That includes bifacial modules which can absorb energy on both sides. They were mounted on mono-axial trackers that follow the movement of the Sun during the day, thereby maximizing the amount of renewable energy produced.

A stylized drawing of a light bulb


Ground-mounted solar PV



In operation



16.87 MW


CO2 emissions avoided

Circa 11.000 tonnellate di CO2 annue


Electricity Equivalent

Around 8,300 Italian families per year*

*Rough estimate based on the  average annual consumption of a typical family



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The first project open to citizens' contribution in the development of renewables

The Malvezzi solar park is the first plant in Italy to be part of the Renewable Choice project promoted by Enel Green Power: through an online crowdfunding campaign, this initiative allows citizens to actively participate in the construction of new renewable energy plants in Italy, in order to support the country's transition towards sustainable energy sources. The initial phase of fundraising, reserved exclusively for residents of Poggio Renatico (FE), ended in October 2021 with great success, thanks to a strong response from the local community, which made it possible to fully cover the expected collection goal of €100,000. The campaign was subsequently extended to the entire country, doubling the initial target and bringing it to a total of €200,000, successfully meeting the new fundraising goal on the same day

Find out Renewable choice

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