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Pezouliotika solar plant, Greece

Pezouliotika solar plant, Greece

In operation

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The plant

Pezouliotika solar plant

The Pezouliotika solar plant is located in Thrace, in the northeastern part of the Greek peninsula. It is a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable plant.








Operating capacity

3.5 MW


Energy production

4.5 GWh / year


CO₂ emissions avoided

3,500 metric tons per year


Energy needs met

636 households per year (Annual energy consumption of each 13.994 kwh)



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Impact on local communities

Numerous actions and best practices have been implemented at the Pezouliotika plant to minimize environmental impact and maximize performance, generating economic and social benefits for local communities. For example, we have started a collaboration with local shepherds that allows them to graze sheep in the solar farm, where the animals feed on weeds and other plants whose uncontrolled growth could prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the panels. By keeping the vegetation in check, we naturally prevent wildfires from spreading, save the fuel that would be necessary for machinery to cut the grass, and avoid using chemical herbicides, which can pollute the soil and the water resources.

We have also launched a training program to address the risks associated with all high-risk activities performed by external companies’ staff. Once they have completed the free course, workers must pass a final exam to earn a special “Green card” that is required to work at any of our plants.

We use drones to perform plant inspections at the solar farm, saving time, increasing accuracy and efficiency, and eliminating risks to workers. In this way, we are also able to carry out studies to minimize the plant’s environmental impact on biodiversity and to better manage water resources in the surrounding area.



4, Gravias Str. 151 25 Maroussi

General information

Business Development, Procurement

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