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The Sclafani Bagni wind farms, Italy

Sclafani Bagni wind farms, Italy

In operation

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The Sclafani Bagni wind farms

The Sclafani Bagni plant, consisting of three wind farms, Ovest 1 (West 1), Ovest 2 (West 2) and Est (East), is located in the municipality of Sclafani Bagni in the province of Palermo. The 29 wind turbines provide a total capacity of approximately 23 MW, which is sufficient to meet the energy needs of 11,800 households. 

The village of Sclafani Bagni, with approximately 400 residents, has a number of natural features that make it a very special place. In this village, famous for the thermal waters that have surrounded it since time immemorial, it’s still possible to bathe in a natural hot spring in the open countryside. 





In operation

Operational capacity

23 MW


Energy production

28.7 GWh


CO2 emissions avoided

14,750 metric tons per year


Energy demand met

11,800+ households per year

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Impact on the community

Through our Centrali Aperte (Open Power Plants) project, which transforms Enel Green Power's renewable energy facilities into a space that we share with the local community for a day, the Sclafani Bagni wind farm has been opened to the public on several occasions. Special initiatives have been organized for children, in particular: for example "mini summer camps", which offered children an interesting social and educational experience at the facility – where they learned, among other things, the importance of living in a community and being part of a group.



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