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Augusta solar plant, Italy

Augusta Solar Plant, Italy

Plant under construction

The plant

Augusta solar plant

We’re building the Augusta solar plant in the coastal town of Augusta in the province of Siracusa, Sicily. The photovoltaic plant will be located on the site of the Enel Tifeo power plant and is yet another example our ongoing commitment to fighting the effects of climate change and guiding the transition towards a world powered by clean energy. We’ll be utilizing genuine Italian excellence in the form of the 3Sun solar photovoltaic modules, produced in our factory in Catania’s “Etna Valley”. The panels will be mounted on tracker structures, so-called because they follow the movement of the sun across the sky in order to maximize the production of renewable energy over the course of the day.



Ground-mounted solar PV



Under construction



1.52 MW


CO2 emissions avoided

Over 1,500 metric tons annually


Electricity Equivalent

Approximately 1,200 Italian families’ annual requirements*

*estimate based on the average annual consumption of a typical household




Take part in development

This project is also an opportunity for the local community, promoting shared value in the local area. The Augusta solar plant is part of the Scelta Rinnovabile (Renewable Choice) project, our initiative dedicated to promoting the public’s active and tangible participation in the development of renewable energy initiatives through an online crowdfunding campaign to help facilitate the process of decarbonizing the country.

Discover Renewable Choice



Business development

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