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Malvezzi Solar Project, Italy

The Fondo Uccellino Photovoltaic Park, Italy

Under construction

The plant

The Fondo Uccellino Photovoltaic Park

We are building the Fondo Uccellino photovoltaic park in the municipality of Poggio Renatico, in the province of Ferrara.

The system will entail the installation of the best technologies currently available on the market: namely, photovoltaic panels that can absorb energy from both sides (bi-facial modules). They will be mounted on so-called single-axis trackers which can track the movement of the sun throughout the day, so as to maximize the amount of renewable energy produced. 

A stylized drawing of a light bulb





Under construction



26 MW


CO2 emissions avoided

About 17,000 tons per year


Electricity Equivalent

About 15,000 Italian households per year*

*Rough estimate based on the  average annual consumption of a typical family


A project that’s open to citizen input

This project is also an opportunity for the local community. In actual fact, the Fondo Uccellino photovoltaic park is part of the Renewable Choice initiative, which is dedicated to fostering the active involvement of communities in the development of clean energy, thereby promoting the country's decarbonization process.

Specifically, this initiative enables citizens to take part in an online crowdfunding campaign, through which they will be able to earn an economic return linked to a fixed annual interest rate, in addition to recovering the initial capital paid in.

Find out more about Renewable choice

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