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Aurora Wind Project, USA

Roseland Solar + Storage Project, USA

Plant under construction

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The project

The future of solar is getting brighter  for the Lone Star State

At 640 MWdc, Roseland will be Enel Green Power’s largest solar plant in the US and Canada, and will be paired with a 59 MWdc battery storage system. It will feature over 1.2 million solar panels across 4,263 acres. Located in Falls County, Texas, Roseland is expected to enter into commercial operation in 2023.



Hybrid: solar + storage



Under construction



639.6 MWdc + 59.1 MWdc storage 


Energy production

1,258 GWh annually   


CO2 Emissions avoided

777,000 tons annually  


Electricity equivalent

114,000+ US households annually



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Community Impact

Enel Green Power is committed to creating long-term shared value and opportunities for rural economic development and long-term sustainability in its host communities. The Roseland solar + storage project is expected to create over 350 construction jobs and 18 permanent jobs, and, according to estimates, will contribute $60 million in tax revenue and $53 million in lease payments to landowners over the project’s lifetime. 

To empower a local workforce for the evolving energy economy, Enel Green Power contributed $25,000 to Texas State Technical College to help workers obtain skills required for the renewable energy sector. Our collaboration with the college also includes the implementation of smart energy infrastructure in Waco and communities local to other TSTC campuses. We are providing equipment aid to local emergency response teams, and students will benefit from our sponsorship of STEM and drone programs along with the KidWind curriculum at the local school district. 

Work progress status

Status of the construction phase

Enel Green Power is committed to the “sustainable worksite” model and the Creating shared value model (CSV). When we build projects, we monitor sustainability performance for energy, waste and water management, and the economic impact on the local community.  Enel Green Power is constantly monitoring the status of the COVID-19 pandemic; the Roseland solar + storage site has implemented safe working practices, strict travel guidelines, social distancing, office and project site sanitation, and other best practices to protect the health of its employees and the community in which it operates. 

  • Jobs >350

    Jobs >350 Construction jobs 

  • Local Tax Revenue 60

    Local Tax Revenue 60 Million dollars over the project’s lifetime 

  • Landowner Income 53

    Landowner Income 53 Million dollars in lease payments to landowners over the project’s lifetime 

Digital Initiatives

The Roseland solar + storage project boasts over 1.2 million solar panels and will be Enel Green Power’s largest solar plant in the US and Canada. This project uses bifacial solar modules, a cutting-edge module technology that produces energy from front and rear panels, unlike traditional monofacial modules that produce energy only from the front panel. Bifacial solar modules collect diffused daylight from reflecting off the ground (known as Albedo), which produces energy from the rear panel. The energy gain ranges from 10% to 25%, depending on the weather and reflectivity from the ground. Bifacial modules help by adding more power to the same module surface: this reduces the Balance of Plant cost and lowers the levelized cost of energy. 

We use remote assistance applications and innovative mixed-reality devices at our weekly project review meetings.  360 Cameras are deployed to report virtual inspections and Drones are incorporated for a live stream perspective.


Community and Landowners Inquiries

Pedro Morais, Project  Execution Manager

Media Inquiries


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