Zero emissions: the road map moves along the circular economy

Published on Monday, 3 December 2018

by Luca Meini, Head of Circular Economy, ENEL

Ph. Fabiano Ventura - On The Trail Of The Glaciers, Caucaso 2013

Moreover, 2017 saw the launch of the new Enel X business division, fully focused on renewables, energy efficiency and innovative electric technologies like e-mobility recharge platforms, next gen batteries and the like. This is all in place to offer our clients a wide range of products and services that combine high performances and care for the environment. By adopting solutions based on a sharing philosophy, on the “product as a service” and on the extension of the service life of goods, all of these conjure towards reducing levels of consumption and the ecological footprint. All of the following solutions are an integral part of a “circular city” model, overall, a crucial endeavor to render the cities of tomorrow more sustainable while raising the life quality standards of its dwellers.

Last but not least, construction and dismantling works from Enel Group throughout the world are managed in terms of a circular economy perspective , implementing a series of best practices that allow to monitor and constantly enhance performances as a way to greatly reduce the ecological footprint of our business operations.