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Enel Green Power: where office space becomes sustainable

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Enel Green Power: where office space becomes sustainable

Mexico City is where we showcase the brand new offices of Enel Green Power: yet another testament of our commitment towards sustainability, environmental protection and the general wellbeing of our staff.

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A new kind of office takes office: it’s cutting edge, sustainable and digital. Its design is centered on our Open Power philosophy and EGP’s strategy, striving to find a more sustainable way to do business in construction sites, offices and plants.

The new Enel Green Power offices in Mexico City are a workplace where experiences are shared, impressive projects take shape, grand objectives lead to new collaborations and ultimately, where ideas and propositions break new grounds. 

“These new offices embody all the underlying values of our company with sustainability at the forefront. I believe this is our best office yet and one of Mexico’s finest.”
– Paolo Romanacci, EGP Area Manager Mexico and Central America


Sustainability is in every detail

In order to make our workplaces truly sustainable we focus on the mitigation and measuring of our ecological footprint in domains that greatly affect our environment: emissions, water, waste and society as a whole.

This concept takes shape in EGP’s new Mexico City offices in the form of enhanced space management, innovative workstations benefiting from cutting-edge technologies and all in all, in a painstaking attention to all details that make a difference in the workplace, from the choice of furnishing materials and office greenery, based on its decorative and depurative functions. 


“Our office, from its first sketches right to its nuts and bolts put a smile on our face, because it’s part of our values. If we want to reach ambitious goals, we need to bring out the very best from our human resources. And if we want to attract the best talents, we need the best workplace to make it happen.”
– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of EGP


The building is now undergoing the assessment process leading to obtain the international LEED certification, the definitive global benchmark in green building rating. This sustainability certification goes far beyond a mere recognition of its low footprint in energy consumption and water usage, but it also covers other aspects like the comfort and wellbeing of workers, the accessibility of the building and the way it cares for biodiversity.


A space for sharing values

Our workspaces are designed and planned by following the principles of the “Creating Shared Value - CSV” model which we consider a primer for the whole corporate value chain in Enel Green Power. 

“By following the vision outlined by the CSV model we’ve managed to make our corporate operations more sustainable by tweaking even daily tasks into standard operational models that apply to all of our global offices.”

From construction sites to plants, right down to our offices, we’ve introduced some new best practices, devised to measure how our push to sustainability is performing and to mitigate our ecological footprint. All of this, without considering the whole suite of innovative actions we put in place for the protection of the environment.


A global model

Our new Mexico City offices are just the latest example in the path toward innovation that was already blazed throughout other EGP offices around the world. 

“Our North American offices in Andover, MA reflect the trademark traits of EGP’s corporate philosophy: innovation, teamwork and sustainability.”

Very careful planning found its suitable application in a series of design solutions spread throughout 5500 sq m that render the EGP North America offices, a unique and uniquely sustainable working environment.

The overall ecological footprint is minimized through carpets made from recycled materials, flooring made from local woods, LED lighting, charging stations for EV’s, highly efficient sanitary systems and a comprehensive composting and waste recycling program.

A sustainable office is like a business card, a tangible proof of our daily commitment to set the basis for business endeavors to be the stepping stone for a new sustainable development model. 

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