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#togetherwecan. Ready to start again alongside the communities in which we operate

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#togetherwecan. Ready to start again alongside the communities in which we operate

From Spain to Chile, we’ve launched a series of solidarity projects to strengthen our commitment to the countries and communities in which we operate, starting with our virus containment efforts to quickly resume business as usual.

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We act preemptively, putting our collaborators’ health first while continuing to guarantee essential services like electricity. Enel Green Power’s model for handling the crisis has been enriched by numerous solidarity initiatives to support those working on the front lines in hospitals and that section of the global population most at risk.


“We’ve created a common information set to improve the effectiveness of the emergency plan we’ve adopted in our plants. The result? None of our 1,200 active power stations worldwide has stopped due to COVID-19. This success has been achieved thanks to a resilient and determined team.”

-Antonio Cammisecra, CEO Enel Green Power


Energy and solidarity go hand in hand

It’s during hard times such as these that our commitment to the communities and countries in which we operate intensifies, taking on a larger dimension that helps us perceive their needs right from the start. In this spirit, we decided to do our part in the fight against the Coronavirus by carrying out a series of measures in many parts of the world to help those who are working on the front lines of healthcare and social welfare.

For example, in Spain, one of the hardest hit countries, we’re helping hospitals and healthcare structures to obtain personal protective equipment, which is indispensable to cope with the pandemic. We’ve donated plastics used to create protective clothing, N95 masks, protective goggles, single-use nitrile gloves and impermeable jumpsuits to several Spanish hospitals, including Andorra, in Teruel province in the Autonomous Community of Aragona, and Arquitecto Marcide in La Coruña, Galicia.


Small gestures make a big difference

The Coronavirus knows no bounds and has spread to every part of the globe, even to rural areas where it can have dramatic consequences exacerbated by social inequalities. In Guatemala, one of the hardest hit countries in Central America, rural healthcare centers can be over 100 km from the main cities, thus they have limited access to medical-safety supplies. That’s why we’ve donated medical equipment, antibacterial liquid soap, masks, protective clothing, alcohol and eco-filters for water purification to San Jerónimo Health Center in Baja Verapáz department and Santa María Health Center in Quetzaltenango department.

We’ve also done our part in South Africa, carrying out various solidarity initiatives in the Eastern Cape province to protect the health of those most at risk, especially those who are ill or homeless. In Clanwilliam, we donated personal hygiene products and food to homeless people who were being temporarily hosted in the community. We also distributed 68 care packages of food to families in need and to people suffering from HIV and tuberculosis. In Citrusdal, we collaborated with local authorities and NGOs to deliver 40 care packages of food to families in need and to find housing for the homeless in sports structures. In addition, in Eeendekuil, we opened a canteen to serve 280 meals a day, while in Paleisheuwel and Redelinghuys, we distributed over 200 free bars of soap and over 40 free meals.


The strong commitment to local communities

For us, being at the side of the communities surrounding our plants is fundamental. In Greece we have carried out several solidarity actions: in particular EGP donated Portable High Definition Digital Ultrasounds to “Sotiria” Hospital in Athens and University Hospital of Patras as well as the donation of defibrillators and wheeled electrocardiographs in the hospitals of Alexandroupoli, Karystos and Kozani.


“Covid-19 has created an unprecedented situation unexpected for all of us. Our company’s sustainable strategy is based on the model of Creating Shared Value, that is to support effectively the sustainable development of local communities, especially in the areas we operate. In this context, it was our duty to identify the needs of the societies and to help them either by supporting their hospitals οr by distributing products and foods through communities’ social structures. We recognize local communities as allies in our effort to make our planet sustainable and thus we will always stand by them.”

- Aristotelis Chantavas, Enel Green Power Head of Europe


Moreover we donated food and pharmaceutical supplies all over Greece. One of the actions that stood out was the distribution of “love packages” to the residents of Argyri, a small remoted village 120 km away from Karditsa town built at an altitude of 650 meters.  


In the ring against the virus

After having affected many countries, the Coronavirus has inevitably spread to North America. In the United States and Canada, Enel Green Power is supporting organizations and hospitals in the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. We’re also promoting food safety and distance learning programs in schools.


"At Enel, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work, even more so during this crisis, which is causing unprecedented economic challenges for many local organizations, rural hospitals, first responders, local schools and canteens. We hope that our support will provide some relief.”

-Enrico Viale, Head of Enel North America


In addition to supporting local communities, Enel Green Power has strengthened safety measures and rescheduled shifts in 100 structures, offices and plants to guarantee the continuity of a service as essential as electricity.

Even before the first cases of the virus were reported, Enel Green Power launched a prevention campaign in Mexico to instruct staff on behavioral procedures during an emergency. Strengthened by Enel Group’s experience and measures adopted in other countries, we immediately reduced the number of colleagues in our power plants, rescheduled shifts in order to respect safe distances and extended smart-working to all employees able to work remotely.


"We’re a very big company and we always keep an eye on health and safety. That’s exactly why we’re able to respond to crises in real-time."

-Montserrat Palomar, Head of Sustainability Mexico


This unprecedented situation has underlined the importance of teamwork and collaboration among various sectors as successful tools to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. That’s why, in addition to donating masks to the communities that surround our plants, we’re supporting Mexican NGOs in their awareness campaigns by producing infographics and informative brochures, and creating podcasts and audio materials to reach blind or illiterate members of society. In Mexico City, we’re developing a reintegration work program for prisoners to make roughly 15,000 masks that will be distributed in penitentiaries and hospitals together with a video tutorial on how to wear and use the masks correctly.


Essential goods and medical equipment

In Colombia, we’re standing by those working on the front lines to support those most in need. In the Colombian department of La Guajira, where we are planning to develop three new wind farms, in collaboration with the association Asomistad (Asociación de Amigas y Amigos para el desarrollo social y comunitario de la Guajira), we’ve donated basic necessities to the families of the Wayuu community.


“We’re joining forces with Asoamistad to help improve living conditions for families living in the towns of Uribia and Maicao, in the Colombian department of La Guajira.”
-Adrian Dugulán, Head of Business Development Colombia

Our plan to handle the crisis has proved effective, and considering the optimum results we’ve obtained from the measures we’ve adopted, we act as a role model for other companies. We’re already doing so in Chile, where we’ve shared our actions, procedures and lessons learned with Sofofa (Sociedad de Fomento Fabril), the Chilean National Industrial Association representing more than 160 companies and over 20 regional associations. Learning from our experience, Sofofa is improving its current personal protection protocols, thereby guaranteeing business continuity for the whole country.

In Brazil, Enel Green Power will donate medical equipment for intensive therapy and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers to hospitals in the state of Piauí. We will distribute relatively rapid COVID-19 tests to the communities surrounding our plants under construction. We will also make available ambulances with drivers and donate soap and care packages of food to families in need. We’ll also support city health departments through communication and prevention plans that use clear, simple language. We will simultaneously promote health and prevention at our construction sites, where we’ve reduced the number of colleagues in the field, doubled scheduled cleanings of offices and vehicles and adopted maximum safety and social distancing measures.

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