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Our greatest asset is people: Enel Green Power continues to expand its professional family

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Our greatest asset is people: Enel Green Power continues to expand its professional family

Now more than ever, providing our energy services around the world is a top priority. That’s why we’ve chosen to go against the current trend and continue to invest in finding new talent.

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Dealing with COVID-19 is a battle for Enel Green Power to fight on two fronts. On one hand, we must continue to provide energy services, which are even more essential during this trying time. On the other hand, everyone must be able to work in total safety and with peace of mind, which calls for greater use of innovation, digitalization and smart working.

Carrying on with our work also means carrying on with our search for new talent to put in the field to urge on the unstoppable process of the global energy transition. At a time of intense economic contraction, Enel Green Power is one of the few companies that is still hiring. In March and April alone, 126 new people were brought on board.

The highest percentage of new hires was in Latin America, especially Chile, and in the USA; however, we also hired new staff in Iberia, Italy, Mexico, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The new entries work in all areas of the value chain: Business Development, Commercial Office, Engineering & Construction, Operation & Maintenance (nearly 60% were in these two areas), HSEQ and corporate staff. Over 50% of the new hires are under 35.


North America’ resilience

During this unprecedented time, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to hiring and training new professionals for the energy of today and tomorrow. In the US, where unemployment levels are forecast to reach a staggering 30% in the coming weeks, we currently have 50 open positions and we plan to open 134 more throughout the year.


“I work for a company that protects the environment. I work for a company that supports its employees and provides opportunities for landowners. And I work for a company that has experienced a lot of growth and, with that, wants to help the community through educational opportunities and charitable work. I’m proud to be a small part of a company making a big impact in the US and globally."

- Jesse Puckett, Senior Manager of Community Relations, Enel Green Power


Latin America's Energy

We’re also responding to the demand for new types of energy and new jobs in Latin America. In Chile, Enel Green Power has employed 26 new people, tackling the uncertainty created by the pandemic and continuing to work towards a more sustainable future.


“I joined the company on April 1st 2020; an opportunity that, at a time of such profound uncertainty caused by the pandemic, seemed impossible. I’m proud to work for a company that strongly enforces its values of responsibility and commitment to protecting the environment. I feel like an integral part of this mission and I have faith in the future.”

– Pablo Villagra, new HSEQ Chile Coordinator


Italy and Spain ready to launch renewables

It’s no accident that the new entries in Italy and Spain, two of the countries hit hardest by COVID-19, are mainly in the Business Development area. In Italy, the topic of relaunching renewable energy, especially in the southern regions, is central to the nation’s 2030 Energy and Climate Plan. Enel Green Power has already devised a development plan with co-developers and is open to sustainable partnerships while looking for new talent through unique initiatives like The Wind Academy of Rome, which is offering young workers, principally from southern Italy, the chance to specialize in the wind sector. 


“I was hired on the 30th of March 2020 and I couldn’t wait to start work. I won’t deny that I went through a moment of doubt about starting a new job remotely, but as soon as I accessed my company computer, which was delivered directly to my house, everything was much easier. I met my colleagues through videocalls. They’re really friendly; it felt like we were already in the same office. It’s exciting to be part of an international team and to already have a 360° vision of the Europe Area projects.”

- Letizia Ciarcià, new hire, Business Development Europe, Rome


Our ambitious projects to develop renewables in Spain, including two new plants in Aragon and Andalusia in the initial stages of construction, call for new skills to be integrated, so even during this difficult time hiring has continued with invaluable collaboration among various departments to facilitate the on-boarding process of new colleagues.


“The on-boarding process was positive, despite the difficulties and restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. The team from Personnel and Organization spent a lot of time with me and I never felt distant in any way. In general, the company has adopted digital procedures and smart working, which makes everything easier and more manageable.”

- Andres Murillo, hired the 20th of April in Madrid in the BD Center Area


Enel Green Power is aware that we play a fundamental role in building a more sustainable future for energy, business and community wellbeing. Continuing to expand our professional family makes us stronger and more convinced that we can contribute to overcoming this time of uncertainty into which the whole world has been thrust. The energy of tomorrow is built today. 

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