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The Generation of the Future

The Generation of the Future

By 2030, our Group will have consolidated its global leadership, becoming a Super-Major in the sector of renewables. With an eye towards the future of the energy transition, we are accelerating the conversion of coal-fired power stations and investing in hybrid plants that integrate energy storage and green hydrogen.



Green hydrogen

Moving away from coal

145 GW

145 GW Renewable capacity managed by 2030

20 GWh

20 GWh Annual production of hybrid renewables-storage plants by 2030


30% Of renewable power plants equipped with energy storage by 2030

90.000 t

90.000 t Annual production of green hydrogen by 2030

Renewables Super-Major

Our objective is to create the Generation of the Future: cleaner, more sustainable and more innovative, thereby transforming the world into a better place for future generations. Find out more about our vision for 2030 in this article by Salvatore Bernabei, Enel Green Power’s CEO.